Transport Systems of Russian Cities
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Transport Systems of Russian Cities

Ongoing Transformations
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Mikhail Blinkin
Transportation Research, Economics and Policy
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Introduction.- 1. Russian Cities Mobility Culture: International Comparison.- 2. Urban Spatial Structure as a Factor of Transport Behavior.- 3. Travel Demand Management in the Largest Cities.- 4. Road Pricing as a Modern Mechanism for Road Sector Financing.- 5. Road Safety Issues in Cities.- 6. Urban Public Transport Development: Trends and Reforms.- 7. Integration of the suburban passenger rail service into the urban transport system.- 8. Transport Planning and Transport Modelling.- 9. Formal and Informal Institutions for Urban Transport Management.- 10. Forecast for Transport Systems Development in Russian Cities.
This volume discusses post-socialist urban transport functioning and development in Russia, within the context of the country's recent transition towards a market economy. Over the past twenty-five years, urban transport in Russia has undergone serious transformations, prompted by the transitioning economy. Yet, the lack of readily available statistical data has led to a gap in the inclusion of Russia in the body of international transport economics research. By including ten chapters of original, cutting-edge research by Russian transport scholars, this book will close that gap. Discussing topics such as the relationship between urban spatial structure and travel behavior in post-soviet cities, road safety, trends and reforms in urban public transport development, transport planning and modelling, and the role of institutions in post-soviet transportation management, this book provides a comprehensive survey of the current state of transportation in Russia. The book concludes with a forecast for future travel development in Russia and makes recommendations for future policy. This book will be of interest to researchers in transportation economics and policy as well as policy makers and those working in the field of urban and transport planning.