Electroactive Materials

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Jürgen O. Besenhard
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297x210x14 mm
Recent Developments in Conjugated Polymer Based Plastic Solar Cells (Brabec C. J., Sariciftci S. N.).- Intermolecular Order of Poly-(2,5-dimethyl-para-phenylene vinylene) and Poly-(para-phenylene vinylene) - A Comparison (Resel R., Kiebooms R., Vanderzande D., Stelzer F.).- Chemical and Optical Properties of New Highly Luminescent Alternating Oligo-m,p-phenylenevinylenes (Schlick H., Stelzer F., Leising G.).- Donor-Acceptor Substituted Cyclohexasilanes: Materials with Potential Nonlinear Optical Properties (Grogger C., Rautz H., Stüger H.).- Thin-Film Zinc/Manganese Dioxide Electrodes (Barbic P., Binder L., Voss S., Hofer F., Grogger W.).- Studies on the Anode/Electrolyte Interface in Lithium Ion Batteries (Winter M., Appel W. K., Evers B., Hodal T., Möller K.-C., Schneider I., Wachtler M., Wagner M. R., Wrodnigg G. H., Besenhard J. O.).- A Method of Manufacturing Highly Conductive Composite Materials by Coating Surfaces of Nonconductors with Fine Particulate Conductive Substances (Voss S., Nigmatoulline V., Bele M., Pejovnik S., Besenhard J. O.).- Application of the van der Pauw Method to Conductivity Relaxation Experiments on YBa2Cu3O6+d (Preis W., Holzinger M., Sitte W.).- Thin Films and Interfaces of Electroactive Organic Materials: The Surface Science Approach (Blyth R. I. R., Duschek R., Koller G., Netzer F. P., Ramsey M. G.).- Preparation and Radical Oligomerization of an Fe(II) Complex without Loss of Spin-Crossover Properties (Schwarzenbacher G., Gangl M. S., Goriup M., Winter M., Grunert M., Renz F., Linert W., Saf R.).- Phase Gratings in Photoreactive Polymers: A Way to Optically Pumped Organic Lasers (Kavc T., Kern W., Zenz C., Leising G., Kranzelbinder G., Toussaere E.).- Mapping the Distribution of Doping Elements in Electrolytically Doped Manganese Dioxide by EFTEM and EELS (Papst I., Kothleitner G., Hofer F., Binder L.)
Electroactive materials are playing an ever increasing role in science and technology. At present the wide range of applications for these materials include electrodes and membranes for electrochemical energy conversion and storage, electroceramic devices and sensors, organic diodes, magnetic and optical devices, and photoresists.The book summarizes the results of the special research program 'Electroactive Materials' established by the Austrian Science Fund. Contributions deal with plastic solar cells (invited review); conjugated polymers and organosilanes; thin-film zinc/manganese dioxide electrodes; the anode/electrolyte interface in lithium ion batteries; a novel technique for manufacturing highly conductive composite materials; a new method for conductivity relaxation measurements on mixed conductors; the application of surface science to thin films and interfaces of electroactive organic materials; preparation and radical oligomerisation of an Fe(II) complex without loss of spin-crossover properties; phase gratings in photoreactive polymers as a way to optically pumped organic lasers; and high-spatial resolution elemental analysis and mapping by analytical electron microscopy.