Data Visualization 2000

Proceedings of the Joint EUROGRAPHICS and IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 29-30, 2000
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Presents the most up-to-date algorithms and applicationsFocusses on information visualization
Information Visualization.- DAG Drawing from an Information Visualization Perspective.- Contextual Visualization of Actor Status in Social Networks.- Improving Angular Resolution in Visualizations of Geographie Networks.- Squarified Treemaps.- Dynamic Overview Techniques for Image Retrieval.- Drawing Relational Schemas.- Large Datasets and Multi Resolution.- Hierarchical Data Representations Based on Planar Voronoi Diagrams.- Skeleton Graph Generation for Feature Shape Description.- Progressive Volume Models for Rectilinear Data using Tetrahedral Coons Volumes.- Hardware Accelerated Wavelet Transformations.- Multiresolution Techniques for Interactive Texture-Based Rendering of Arbitrarily Oriented Cutting Planes.- Very Large Scale Visualization Methods for Astrophysical Data.- Volume and Flow Visualization.- Hybrid Model for Vascular Tree Structures.- Direct Volume Rendering from Photographic Data.- Variational Approach to Vectorfield Decomposition.- Visualization Systems.- Integrated Multiresolution Geometry and Texture Models for Terrain Visualization.- A Framework for Interactive Hardware Accelerated Remote 3D-Visualization.- Appearance-Based Virtual-View Generation for Fly Through in a Real Dynamic Scene.- SmartLink: An Agent for Supporting Dataflow Application Construction.- Design of Visualizations for Urban Modeling.- ViSSh: A Data Visualisation Spreadsheet.- Applications and Case.- Studies Fast Visualization of Special Relativistic Effects on Geometry and Illumination.- AlVis - An Aluminium-Foam Visualization and Investigation Tool.- WWW-based Visualization of the Real Time Run of a Space Weather Forecasting Model.- Towards visual matching as a way of transferring pre-operative surgery planning.- A Case Study of Isosurface Extraction Algorithm Performance.- Case Study: Resource Steering in a Visualization System.- Authors Index.- Color Plates.
It is becoming increasingly clear that the use of human visual perception for data understanding is essential in many fields of science. This book contains the papers presented at VisSym'00, the Second Joint Visualization Symposium organized by the Eurographics and the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Visualization and Graphics (TCVG). It reports on 27 new algorithms, techniques and applications in the area of data visualization. The topics are scientific data visualization and information visualization. It gives practitioners and visualization researchers an overview of the state of the art and of future directions of data visualization.