Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery
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Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery

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J. Lobo Antunes
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The Classic European SeriesThe most renowned book series in neurosurgery
Leading European and American authors
A. Advances.- Multiple Subpial Transection.- Theoretical Basis.- Indications.- In Relation to Eloquent Cortex.- In Relation to Landau-Kleffner Syndrome.- The Methohexital Suppression Test.- The Intra-Carotid Sodium Amytal Test.- Intracranial Recording.- In Relation to Multi-Focal and Multi-Lobar Epilepsy.- Technique.- Outcome.- Outcome from Operation in Eloquent Areas.- Outcome in Rasmussen's Disease.- Outcome in Landau Kleffner Syndrome.- Outcome from Multi-Lobar and Multi-Focal Epilepsy.- Discussion.- Conclusion.- References.- Hemispheric Disconnection: Callosotomy and Hemispherotomy.- Corpus Callosotomy.- Historical Perspectives.- Rationale for Corpus Callosotomy.- Indications for Corpus Callosotomy.- Preoperative Evaluation.- Surgical Techniques.- Surgical Complications.- Functional Complications.- Seizure Outcome.- Hemispherotomy.- Historical Background.- Techniques of Hemispherectomy.- Anatomical Hemispherectomy.- Hemidecortication.- Modified Hemispherectomy.- Functional Hemispherectomy.- Hemispheric Disconnection.- Hemispherotomy.- Indications for Hemispherectomy.- Seizures: Intractability and Types.- Neurological Status.- Etiological Factors.- Electroencephalography.- Radiological Investigation.- Techniques.- The Vertical Approach.- The Lateral Approach.- Results.- Complications.- Psychosocial Outcome.- Seizures Outcome.- Conclusion.- References.- Central Nervous System Lymphomas.- Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma (PCL).- Epidemiology.- Clinical Forms.- Anatomo-Radiological Types.- Intracerebral Parenchymal Localisation.- Meningo-Encephalic Form.- Purely Meningeal Involvement.- Spinal Lymphoma.- Rare Clinical Forms.- Ocular Lymphoma.- Histopathological Data.- Diagnosis.- Diagnostic Tools.- Cerebral Biopsy.- CSF Examination.- Vitrectomy and Retineal Biopsy.- Diagnostic Problems.- Differential Diagnosis with Neurological Diseases.- Staging of Disease.- Steroid Sensitivity: Diagnostic and Prognostic Implications.- Management.- Prognostic Factors.- Treatment.- Surgery.- Radiation Therapy.- Chemotherapy.- Others CNS Lymphomas.- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.- Hodgkin's Disease.- Mycosis Fungoides.- Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis.- Intravascular Lymphomatosis.- Benign Lymphoid Masses.- CNS Lymphoma in Immunocompromised Patients.- Conclusions.- Invited Commentary: Treatment of Diseases of the Central Nervous System Using Encapsulated Cells, by A. F. Hottinger and P. Aebischer (Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery Vol. 25).- B. Technical Standards.- The Intracranial Venous System as a Neurosurgeon's Perspective.- Foreword.- Basic Readings Concerning Intracranial Venous System.- Anatomy.- Radiology.- Physiology.- References on Excluded Topics.- Cranial Injuries Involving Major Dural Sinuses.- Carotido-Cavernous Fistulas.- Dural Arterio-Venous Fistulas.- The Venous Drainages of Arterio-Venous Malformations.- Venous Angiomas (Developmental Venous Anomalies).- Parasellar Tumors Invading the Cavernous Sinus.- Chemodectomas of Jugular Foramen.- Venous Thromboses.- Benign Intracranial Hypertension.- The "Dangerous" Venous Structures.- Dural Sinuses.- The Superior Sagittal Sinus (SSS).- The Lateral Sinuses (LS).- Superfical Veins.- Midline Afferent Veins to the SSS (and Trolard Vein).- Inferior Cerebral Veins (and Labbé Vein).- Sylvian Veins (and Superficial Sylvian Vein).- Risks when Sacrificing Superfical Veins.- Deep Veins.- The Vein of Galen and the Straight Sinus.- The Deep Veins.- The Deep Venous Territories.- Risks in Thromboses or Occlusions of the Vein of Galen and Main Tributaries.- Veins of Posterior Fossa.- The Brain stem is Drained by two Lateral Collectors.- Each Cerebellar Hemisphere has Schematically Three Venous Territories.- The Vermis has two Territories.- The Posterior Fossa Collectors have rich Anastomoses.- The Major Dural Sinuses of Posterior Fossa (Transverse, Sigmoid) are very "Dangerous" Structures.- Risks of Venous Sacrifices.- The Venous Territories.- Venous System Modified by Pathology and Tre
As an addition to the European postgraduate training system for young neurosurgeons we began to publish in 1974 this series of Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery which was later sponsored by the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies. This series was first discussed in 1972 at a combined meeting of the Italian and German Neurosurgical Societies in Taormina, the founding fathers of the series being Jean Brihaye, Bernard Pertuiset, Fritz Loew and Hugo Krayenbiihl. Thus were established the principles of European co operation which have been born from the European spirit, flourished in the European Association, and have throughout been associated with this series. The fact that the English language is well on the way to becoming the international medium at European scientific conferences is a great asset in terms of mutual understanding. Therefore we have decided to publish all contributions in English, regardless of the native language of the authors. All contributions are submitted to the entire editorial board before publi cation of any volume. Our series is not intended to compete with the publications of original scientific papers in other neurosurgical journals. Our intention is, rather, to present fields of neurosurgery and related areas in which important recent advances have been made. The contributions are written by specialists in the given fields and constitute the first part of each volume.