Design, Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems '98

Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop in Abingdon, UK, June 3-5, 1998
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Peter Johnson
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State of the art in this field
Invited Talks.- Interacting in Chaos.- The Viability of Modelling Socially Organised Activity.- Papers Presented.- Deriving Business Object Definitions from User Work Process Models.- Inference and Information Resources: A Design Case Study.- An Ontology for Task World Models.- Formal Models for Cooperative Tasks: Concepts and an Application for En-Route Air-Traffic Control.- The Role of Formal Proof in Modelling Interactive Behaviour.- Validating Semi-Formal Specifications of Interactors as Design Representations.- The Role of Informal Representations in Early Design.- Pragmatic Formal Design: A Case Study in Integrating Formal Methods into the HCl Development Cycle.- The Role of Verification in Interactive Systems Design.- Integrating Rendering Specifications into a Formalism for the Design of Interactive Systems.- Practical Dialogue Refinement.- Which Widgets? Deriving Implementations from User-Interface Specifications.- A Framework for Generating Spatial Configurations in User Interfaces.- Using Model Checking for the Automatic Validation of User Interfaces Systems.- Specification and Verification of Media Constraints using UPPAAL.- Modelling Direct Manipulation with Referent and Statecharts.- Integrating Joint Behaviour and Dialogue Description.- Working Group Discussions.- Discussion Topics for the DSV-IS'98 Working Groups.- Working Group 1 Report.- Working Group 2 Report.- Working Group 3 Report.
Does modelling, formal or otherwise, play a role in designing interactive systems? A proliferation of interactive devices and technologies is used in an ever increasing diversity of contexts and combinations in professional and every-day life. This development poses a significant challenge to modelling approaches used for the design of interactive systems.The papers in this volume discuss a range of modelling approaches, the representations they use, the strengths and weaknesses of their associated specification and analysis techniques and their role in supporting the design of interactive systems.