Contexts - Historical, Social, Linguistic

Studies in Celebration of Toril Swan
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Kevin McCafferty
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Contents: Kevin McCafferty/Tove Bull/Kristin Killie: Preface - Gulbrand Alhaug: Toril - a name that spelled freedom in 1945 - Karin Aijmer: Just and multifunctionality - Kristin Killie: On language processing and the interpretation of adverbs in English - Tove Bull: Mothering universities: female leadership in Academia - Kirsten Gomard: How to position oneself as a scholar: female and male Ph.D. students in the humanities and chemistry at a university in Denmark - Anne Pauwels/Joanne Winter: Feminist linguistic activism in the 21st century: a view across the English-speaking world - Terttu Nevalainen: Gender stereotypes and language use in Late Modern English - Kristin Bech: SXVX clauses in Old and Middle English - Leiv Egil Breivik: The historical development of existential there : an example of subjectification in grammaticalisation - Kevin McCafferty: 'His letters is as short as ever they were' : the Northern Subject Rule in 19th-century Ireland - Gunnel Tottie: On substituting with for for with substitute - Olaf M. Jansen Westvik: On some adjectival forms of comparison in Old English - Marit Julien: Ei helvetes dame - on Scandinavian pseudopossessors - Endre Mørck: Connective/narrative inversion in Middle Norwegian declarative clauses - Anna-Brita Stenström: 'It's very good eh' - 'Está muy bien eh': teenagers' use of tags - London and Madrid compared - Marit R. Westergaard: Norwegian child language and the history of English: the interaction of syntax and information structure in the development of word order - Asbjørn I. Bartnes: Metaphor as a structuring principle in higher education - Karol Janicki: Julia Kristeva - science or charlatanry? A linguist's look at the first Holberg prize debate - Rolf Wynn: The achievement of empathy in provider-patient interaction.
These papers are offered by colleagues and students past and present on the occasion of Professor Toril Swan's sixtieth birthday. The scope of the book broadly reflects the interests Toril has pursued throughout her career at the universities of Trondheim, Tromsø and Stavanger. Topics covered by the nineteen papers in this volume range across the fields of onomastics, adverbials, language and gender, diachronic and synchronic syntax, comparative linguistics, metaphor, and discourse.