Activating Human Rights

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Elisabeth Porter
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Contents: Elisabeth Porter/Baden Offord: Introduction: Activating Human Rights - Baden Offord: Activating Human Rights through Questions of Value and Activism - Jim Ife: Human Rights beyond the 'Three Generations' - Carl F. Stychin: Same-Sex Sexualities and the Globalisation of Human Rights - Monica McWilliams: Human Rights and Conflict Resolution: Are They Mutually Dependent in a Divided Society? - Sam Garkawe: 'Amnesty for Truth': A Violation of Human Rights by South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission? - Lara Fergus: Activating Women's Human Rights: Side Steps and Leaps Forward at Amnesty International - Michael Morison: Democratisation and Capacity-Building: An Uncomfortable Alliance in the East Timor National Elections 2001-2002 - Chee Soon Juan: Human Rights: Dirty Words in Singapore - Kulwant Singh: The Resolution of Property Rights of Refugees and Displaced Persons and Ethnic Crisis Management: Bosnia Herzegovina and Kashmir Compared - Kiikpoye K. Aaron: Human Rights Violation and Environmental Degradation in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria - Gerard Goggin/Christopher Newell: Reclaiming Civility: Disability, Diversity and Human Rights - Chantal Nadeau: Same-Sex Domestic Rights and Nationalist Politics - Irene Watson: Internationalising, Humanising and Diversifying: The One Nation State.
This book is based on papers originally presented at the international conference 'Activating Human Rights and Diversity' held in Australia in 2003. It advances a powerful and convincing affirmation of the importance of human rights in the twenty-first century and explores the vital connections between the theory and practice of human rights. It asks what kind of vision for humanity is necessary, given the harsh realities and challenges of the twenty-first century. Through a range of perspectives - reconciliation, refugees, women, indigenous issues, same-sex sexualities, conflict resolution, environmental degradation, political freedoms and disability - this collection highlights the fact that the survival of humanity depends on our ability to connect a vision with the reality of activating human rights.