Contributions to Operator Theory in Spaces with an Indefinite Metric

The Heinz Langer Anniversary Volume
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Heinz Langer and his work.- On the spectra of some class of quadratic operator pencils.- Special realizations for Schur upper triangular operators.- On the defect of noncontractive operators in Kre?nin spaces: a new formula and some applications.- Positive differential operators in the Krein space L2(M?n).- Singular values of positive pencils and applications.- Perturbations of Krein spaces preserving the nonsingularity of the critical point infinity.- An analysis of the block structure of jqq-inner functions.- Selfadjoint extensions of the orthogonal sum of symmetric relations, II.- Some interpolation problems of Nevanlinna-Pick type. The Krein-Langer method.- On the spectral representation for singular selfadjoint boundary eigenvalue problems.- Some characteristics of a linear manifold in a Kre?nn space and their applications.- Riggings and relatively form bounded perturbations of nonnegative operators in Krem spaces.- Norm bounds for Volterra integral operators and time-varying linear systems with finite horizon.- The numerical range of selfadjoint matrix polynomials.- Spectral properties of a matrix polynomial connected with a component of its numerical range.- Lyapunov stability of a multiplication operator perturbed by a Volterra operator.- Multiplicative perturbations of positive operators in Krein spaces.- On the number of negative squares of certain functions.- Factorization of elliptic pencils and the Mandelstam hypothesis.- An inductive limit procedure within the quantum harmonic oscillator.- Canonical systems with a semibounded spectrum.
This volume is dedicated to Heinz Langer, a leading expert in spectral analysis and its applications, in particular to operators in spaces with an indefinite metric, on the occasion of his 60th birthday.The book begins with his biography and list of publications. It contains a selection of research papers, most of which are devoted to spectral analysis of operators or operator pencils with applications to ordinary and partial differential equations. Other papers deal with time-varying systems, interpolation and factorization problems, and topics from mathematical physics. About half of the papers contain further developments in the theory of operators in spaces with an indefinite metric and treat new applications. The book is of interest to a wide audience of pure and applied mathematicians.