Designed Ecologies

The Landscape Architecture of Kongjian Yu
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William Saunders
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310x235x27 mm

Kongjian Yu: Chinas bedeutendster LandschaftsarchitektKongjian Yu and his office Turenscape are beyond doubt the foremost landscape architecture firm in China today. The vast scale of China and its apparently boundless growth have enabled Yu to test many ideas that are still largely theories in the Western world. His work, increasingly valued and appreciated in Europe and North America, has attained an extremely high and elegant level in both conception and execution. Kongjian Yu is known for his ecological stance, often against the resistance of local authorities. His guiding design principles are the appreciation of the ordinary and a deep embracing of nature, even in its potentially destructive aspects, such as floods. Among his most acclaimed projects are Houtan Park for Shanghai Expo, the Red Ribbon Park in Qinhuangdao, and Shipyard Park in Zhongshan. This book explores Yus work in some ten essays by noted authors and extensively documents some 18 selected projects.
Preface: Kongjian Yu's Challenge
Peter Walker

Introduction: Ecology with Pleasure
William S. Saunders

Popular Aesthetics, Public History
John Beardsley

Value the Ordinary: Shipyard Park, Zhongshan, 2001

An Alternative to the Fiascos of Chinese Urban Development
Antje Stokman

The Ecological Security Pattern Plan, Taizhou, 2004

Go Productive: Shenyang Jianzhou University (the Rice Campus), Shenyang, 2003
Beyond Survival: The Chicago Art Field, 2009

The Boy Who Read Books Riding a Water Buffalo
William S. Saunders

Make Friends with Floods: Yongning River Park, Taizhou, 2004

Reshaping The Urban Waterfront: Yingzhou Central River Transformation, Ningbo, 2006

Tread Lightly: The Red Ribbon Park, Tanghe River, Qinhuangdao, 2006
Ecological Surgery: Beach Restoration, Qinhuangdao, 2008

The Activist Educator
Fredrick Steiner

Let Nature Do Its Work: Qiaoyuan Wetland Park (the Adaptation Palettes), Tianjin, 2008

Gather People: Bridged Gardens, Tianjin, 2008
Infrastructure as Landscape: The Long Sleeve Skywalk, Xuzhou, 2010
The People's Place: Dujiangyan Square, Chengdu, 2002
Define a New Chinatown: Chinatown Park, Boston, USA, 2007

Myths and Strategies of Ecological Planning
Kristina Hill

Make the Landscape a Living System: Houtan Park, Shanghai 2010

China's Water Crisis and Houtan Park's Response
Peter Rowe

Reinvent the Good Earth: The National Ecological Security Pattern Plan, 2008

(R)evolutionary Ecological Infrastructure
Kelly Shannon

Landscape Leads Urbanism: The Beijing Ecological Security Pattern Plan, 2008
Begin with an Alternative Infrastructure: The Wulijie Eco-City Design, Wuhan, 2011

Recover the Mother River: Sanlihe Greenway, Qian'an, 2010
Resilient Rivers: Waterfront Design Concept, Minneapolis, USA, 2011

Make Architecture into Landscape: Low Carbon Apartment, Beijing, 2009
Hallelujah Concert Hall, 2010
Protective Land-Use Policies
Cunzhi Hu

Afterword: The Persistent Promise of Ecological Planning
Charles Waldheim
Kongjian Yu und sein Büro Turenscape sind zweifelsohne das heute wichtigste Büro für Landschaftsarchitektur in China. Seine Entwurfshaltung wird geprägt von der Wertschätzung des Gewöhnlichen und von Alltagsdingen und einer tiefen Akzeptanz der Natur, auch in ihren bedrohlichen Aspekten, wie Überschwemmungen. Dieses Buch geht den zentralen Themen in Yus Werk in 11 Essays bekannter Autoren nach und dokumentiert 22 ausgewählte Projekte.