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Admirer's Secret

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Pamela Crane
Tabella House
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A man in love. A woman in chains. An unforgettable twist.No one knows pain better than Haley Montgomery, a woman haunted by death. First her father, then her best friend. But when a woman's body is found buried in the yard of the man Haley loves, is it a tragic accident...or is her perfect man a perfect killer?Searching for answers that lead her into a disturbing revelation about her idyllic small town and boyfriend Marc, Haley is forced to dig into the past. But the closer she gets to the truth, the more she unravels a haunting childhood secret that she's spent a lifetime burying. A secret that wants to destroy her.But secrets aren't the only things getting buried as an obsession turns lethal.A gripping new psychological thriller about the demons we hide ... and the demons we hide from.** Praise for Pamela Crane: **"e;A brilliant romantic thriller."e; reader review"e;A twisted tale of love, secrets, lies, obsession, parenting, depression and forgiveness that may be fictional but also has a very heavy dose of gruesome reality."e; Nicki Richards - Reviewer"e;This book knows how to grab you, throw your emotions around and then some"e; Nicki Murphy - Nicki's Book Blog"e;What a gut punch! Pamela Crane perfectly captures the anguish that all moms feel at various times in their lives"e; Jeanne McAvoy - NetGalley Reviewer"e;Perfect for fans of Ruth Ware and Paula Hawkins, Pamela Crane introduces a mind-twist that takes everything you love about thrillers, pushes it outside the box, and electrifies you with clever prose and a plot that will terrify you."e; Southern Editor Reviews"e;A literary thriller from an up-and-coming suspense writer to watch for... a story that marries grit and powerful prose, murder and mind-twisting mastery."e; reader review"e;Nothing could have prepared me for the ending - and I wouldn't have wanted to miss experiencing the middle."e; BBMoreB