An Eternal Light: Brody, in Memoriam: Translation of Ner Tamid: Yizkor Lebrody
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An Eternal Light: Brody, in Memoriam: Translation of Ner Tamid: Yizkor Lebrody

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Aviv Meltzer
1973 g
280x216x40 mm
This book tells about Brody's Jews during a period of 400 years of the existence of their community: about the changes they went through, the days of flourishing and glory and the days of lowliness and poverty, and the way Brody came to be called "Jerusalem of Galitzia", until its destruction during the Holocaust. The book begins with the history of the community from its establishment until its destruction (1588 - 1943). Then the description of the community between the two World Wars, including its destruction during the Shoah is presented, including a list of the "Righteous of the Nations of the World", who saved a few of our Brody's community Jews. The Yizkor chapter, containing the list of our community martyrs who were killed during the Holocaust at the hands of evil gentiles "For the sanctification of the Name," is actually a realization of the idea of the publication of a memorial book for those who were buried in mass graves in foreign soil, those who were not given a Jewish burial and those whose burial location is unknown. At the end of the book are: a list of Brody's young people who fought against the Nazis and were killed during the years 1939 - 1945; a list of Brody's natives who passed away in Israel; a list of Brody's natives and their descendants who were killed during the wars to establish and protect Israel; and finally an appendix containing the article "We the Polish Jews" by Julian Tuvim. This book serves as a fitting memorial (Yizkor) for the destroyed Jewish community of Brody, Ukraine.