Knead It!: 35 Great Bread Recipes to Make at Home Today
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Knead It!: 35 Great Bread Recipes to Make at Home Today

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Jane Barton Griffith
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For centuries, artisan bread makers have created magic with their hands and given rise to the indescribable wonder that is fresh bread. Now you too can go back to basics and begin making your own homemade bread today! Knead It! teaches want-to-be bakers (and experienced bread makers alike) the secrets of the various bread-making methods that have ignited the hearts and ovens of humankind for centuries. Author and baker Jane Barton Griffith and her team of experienced bread makers and master bakers have demystified artisan bread making by providing detailed step-by-step instructions to creating all kinds of breads, from simple yeasted breads and slow-fermenting breads to prefermented breads, sourdough loaves, and various international flatbreads.
INSIDE THIS HOBBY FARM HOME BOOK: 35 recipes, accompanied by detailed instructions and photographs A primer on flours (stone-ground whole/white wheat, rye, spelt, and Khorasan) An introduction to folding techniques needed to make popular loaves, including baguettes, boules, batards, and braids Detailed fourteen-step baking instructions for scaling, proofing, shaping, and scoring various types of loaves Directions to make five yeasted breads, such as bran bread, focaccio, and Swedish limpa bread How to make four slow-fermenting breads, such as beer bread and oatmeal bread, and four prefermented breads, including ciabatta, Anadama bread, and pugliese The secrets to making starter plus eleven sourdough breads, including cherry pecan bread, multigrain, olive, rye, sunny flax, A special chapter on making international flatbreads: Tunisian grilled bread, Lefse, Moroccan flatbread, pitas "Tools & Equipment" sidebars, detailing what's required to undertake the recipe expert tips from six master bakers and a panel of seven testers Glossary of terms; resource section of bakeries and suppliers; index