The Applied Linguistic Individual: Sociocultural Approaches to Identity, Agency and Autonomy
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The Applied Linguistic Individual: Sociocultural Approaches to Identity, Agency and Autonomy

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Phil Benson
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Studies in Applied Linguistics

Part 1: Introduction 1. The Social and the Individual in Applied Linguistics Research Phil Benson and Lucy Cooker Part 2: Theoretical Perspectives 2. Sociocultural Theory and the Dialectics of L2 Learner Autonomy/Agency James P. Lantolf, Pennsylvania State University 3. The Struggle to Belong: Individual Language Learners in Situated Learning Theory Martin Lamb, University of Leeds 4. Individuality, Imagination and Community in a Globalizing World: An Asian EFL Perspective Tomoko Yashima, Kansai University, Japan 5. Chaos and the Complexity of Second Language Acquisition Vera Lucia Menezes de Oliveira e Paiva 6. Drifting In and Out of View: Autonomy and the Social Individual Phil Benson Part 3: The Individual in Research 7. A Social-Ecological Exploration of Autonomy, Beliefs and Identity Jane Kehrwald, Massey University, New Zealand 8. Teenagers Making Senses of Their Foreign Language Practices: Individual Accounts Indexing Social Discourses Anne Pitkanen-Huhta and Tarja Nikula, both at University of Jyvaskyla 9. Individuality in L2 Identity Construction: The Stories of Two Chinese Learners of English Gu Mingyue, The Hong Kong Institute of Education 10. The Ideal Sexual Self: The Motivational Investments of Japanese Gay Male Learners of English Ashley Moore, Kanda University, Japan 11. Using Dynamic Systems/Complexity Theory in Linguistic Data Analysis: A Language Ecology Approach to the Study of Individual and Social Process Anne Whiteside, City College of San Francisco 12. A Tale of Two Teachers: Teachers Identity and the Care of the Self in an Era of Accountability Matthew Clarke, University of New South Wales Part 4: Conclusion 13. The Applied Linguistic Individual: Gaining Perspective Phil Benson and Lucy Cooker
The volume explores how individuality is conceptualised in socially-oriented approaches to Applied Linguistics research, including Sociocultural Theory, Situated Learning, Imagined Communities, Complexity Theory, and Autonomy Theory.