Listening to Shin Buddhism: Starting Points of Modern Dialogue
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Listening to Shin Buddhism: Starting Points of Modern Dialogue

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Michael Pye
Eastern Buddhist Voices

General Introduction Part I Early Interactions The Buddhist Doctrine of Vicarious Suffering (1927) Kaneko, Daiei Mahayana Buddhism and Japanese Culture (1931) Yamabe, Shugaku The Idea and the Man (a response to Yamabe Shugaku) (1932) C.A.F. Rhys Davids A Rejoinder to Mrs. Rhys Davids' Comment (1932) Yamabe, Shugaku Editorial from 1934 Anonymous Editorial from 1949 Anonymous Part II Two Presenters of Shin Buddhism Shin Religion as I Believe it (1951) Kaneko, Daiei The Meaning of Salvation in the Doctrine of Pure Land Buddhism (1965) Kaneko, Daiei Goodness and Naturalness (1951) Kanamatsu, Kenryo Part III Three Western Responses to Shin Buddhism The Concept of Grace in Paul, Shinran and Luther (1976) Buri, Fritz Nembutsu as Remembrance (1977) Pallis, Marco Shinran's Way in the Modern World (1978) Bloom, Alfred Part IV Broadening Perspectives for Shin Buddhism Freedom and Necessity in Shinran's Concept of Karma (1986) Ueda, Yoshifumi The concept of the Pure Land in the Teaching of Nagarjuna (1966) Yamaguchi, Susumu The Mahayana Structure of Shinran's Thought (1984) Ueda, Yoshifumi Shinran and Contemporary Thought (1980) Takeuchi, Yoshinori Part V A Dialogue of Shin Buddhism and Zen Buddhism Shinran's World: A Dialogue of Shin Buddhism and Zen Buddhism (1961: published in three parts in 1985, 1986 and 1988) Nishitani, Keiji (moderator) with Suzuki Daisetsu, Kaneko Daiei and Soga Ryojin Synoptic list of text titles Character List for Historical Persons Full details of original publication A Note on The Eastern Buddhist
Contributions from The Eastern Buddhist which pioneered presentations of Buddhism to the west and invited interaction with non-Japanese authors.