Support for Learning Differences in Higher Education
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Support for Learning Differences in Higher Education

The Essential Practitioners' Manual
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Geraldine Price
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Specialist teacher assessors work in various sectors of education. This book provides guidance to aid specialist tutors who are assessing and supporting students in various academic fields; formats for assessments to help tutors comply with regulations; and guidance on reasonable adjustments for students which do not compromise academic standards.
CONTENTS: Introduction; 1. Definitions and research; 2. Demands upon learning in the HE context; 3. Training and the Specialist Dyslexia Teacher; 4. The identification process; 5. Elements of assessment; 6. The assessment process; 7. Writing the report; 8. Reasonable adjustments: Recommendations for support; 9. Supporting students on their courses; 10. Supporting students' written work; 11. Supporting subject-specific work; 12. Supporting students on placement and fieldwork; 13. Setting up a support service; References; Index.
Specialist teacher assessors work increasingly in all sectors of British education. As key personnel in higher education institutions, they are responsible for conducting essential diagnostic psychometric assessments for students. In its guidance on assessment and identification of students with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) in higher education, the UK government identifies procedures for good practice.This book is a practitioner 's guide for specialist teachers working with SpLD students in higher education institutions and provides the background to the practitioner 's certificate introduced in 2006. It offers practical suggestions to aid specialist tutors who are supporting and assessing students from all academic fields. It indicates formats for assessments to help specialist tutors comply with the new regulations and helps tutors provide reasonable adjustments for students that do not compromise academic standards.