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Arms and the People

Popular Movements and the Military from the Paris Commune to the Arab Spring
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Mike Gonzalez
Pluto Press
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Soldiers and Revolution

1. Soldiers, Sailors and Revolution: Russia 1917 by Mike Haynes

2. An Army in Revolt: Germany 1918-19 by Volkard Moser

3. Nation against Nation: Italy 1919-21 by Megan Trudell

4. Soldiers on the Side of the People: Portugal 1974 by Peter Robinson

The Popular Forces Mobilise

5. Militia and Workers' State: Paris 1871 by Donny Gluckstein

6. The People in Arms: Spain 1936 by Andy Durgan

7. Never 'One Hand': Egypt 2011 by Philip Marfleet

Guerrilla Wars and the Limits of Imperial Power

8. People Change: American Solidiers and Marines in Vietnam by Jonathan Neale

9. Crazy Little Armies: Guerrilla Strategy in Latin America, 1958 - 1990 by Mike Gonzalez

Counter-Revolution and the Military

10. The Iron Fist: Chile 1973 by Mike Gonzalez

11. Reaction and Slaughter: Indonesia 1965-66 by Nathaniel Mehr

The Civic-Military Alliance

12. Storming the Ramparts of Tyranny: Egypt & Iraq 1945-63 by Anne Alexander

13. The Civic-Military Alliance: Venezuela 1958-1990 by Douglas Bravo & Mike Gonzalez

This collection examines the relationship between mass movements and the military. Some argue that it is impossible to achieve and protect a revolution without the support of the army, but how can the support of the army be won?*BR**BR*Arms and the People explores the impact of social extremes on the solidarity within the state's military, and on the changing loyalties of these soldiers. The authors examine a series of historical moments in which a crisis in the military has reflected deep instability in the wider world, including Russia in 1917, Egypt during the Arab Spring, the Paris Commune, as well as long-standing instability in Venezuela and Indonesia, amongst many others.*BR**BR*Including a range of international authors who have either studied or been directly involved in such social upheavals, Arms and the People is a pioneering contribution to the study of revolutionary change.