The Sage Handbook of Political Communication
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The Sage Handbook of Political Communication

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Holli A. Semetko
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A cutting edge collection for this global and fast-moving field, edited by two of the world's leading political communications scholars.
Introduction: The Expanding Field of Political Communication in the Era of Continuous Connectivity - Holli A. Semetko and Margaret ScammellPART ONEEntertainment Media and the Political Engagement of Citizens - Michael X. Delli CarpiniDo Cosmopolitan Communications Threaten Traditional Moral Values? - Pippa Norris and Ronald InglehartPolitical Communication in a Changing Media Environment - Fred Fletcher and Mary Lynn YoungBlogging and the Future of News - Richard DavisPolitical Organizations and Campaigning Online - Rachel K. Gibson and Stephen WardPopular Culture and Political Communication - John StreetGovernment Communication: An Emerging Field in Political Communication Research - María José Canel and Karen SandersWhat's Good and Bad in Political Communication Research? Normative Standards for Evaluating Media and Citizen Performance - Scott L. AlthausPART TWODigital Media and Citizenship - Bruce BimberDigital Media and Youth Engagement - W. Lance Bennett, Deen G Freelon, Muzammil Hussain, Chris Wells The Internet and Citizenship: Democratic Opportunity or More of the Same? - Stephen Coleman and Jay G. BlumlerCivic Knowledge and Audiovisual Learning - Doris A. Graber and Gregory G. HolykWomen as Political Communicators: Candidates and Campaigns - Susan A. Banducci with Elisabeth Gidengil and Joanna EverittThe Impact of Negative Campaigning on Citizens' Actions and Attitudes - Kim L. Fridkin and Patrick J. KenneyChanges in European Public Service Broadcasting: Potential Consequences for Political Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior - Kees Aarts and Holli A. SemetkoSocial Networks, Public Discussion, and Civic Engagement: A Socialization Perspective - Jack M. McLeod and Nam-Jin LeePART THREEMeasuring Affect, Emotion and Mood in Political Communication - Ann N. Crigler and Marion R. JustOnline Panels and the Future of Political Communication Research - Shanto Iyengar and Lynn VavreckSocial Networks and Political Knowledge - William P. Eveland, Jr., Myiah J. Hutchens and Alyssa C. MoreyUnderstanding the Content of News Media - Stephen D. Reese and Jae Kook LeeEthnography as Theory and Method in the Study of Political Communication - Debra Spitulnik Vidali and Mark Allen PetersonPolitical Visions: Visual Studies in Political Communication - Kevin G. Barnhurst and Kelly Quinn News Framing Research: An Overview and New Developments - Claes H. de Vreese and Sophie LechelerDynamics in Mass Communication Effects Research - Dennis Chong and James N. DruckmanPART FOURMedia, Power and U.S. Foreign Policy - Sean Aday, Robert M. Entman and Steven LivingstonNews Media and War - Piers RobinsonThe Power of Rhetoric: Understanding Political Oratory - Vanessa B Beasley The Power of Everyday Conversations: Mediating the Effects of Media Use on Policy Understanding - Jisuk Woo, Min-Gyu Kim, Joohan KimLeaders on the Campaign Trail: The Impact of Television News on Perceptions of Party Leaders in British General Elections - Holli A. Semetko, Margaret Scammell and Andrew KernerThe Interdependency of Mass Media and Social Movements - Rens Vliegenthart and Stefaan WalgravePART FIVEMedia Consolidation, Fragmentation and Selective Exposure in the US - Diana OwenDemocratization and the Changing Media Environment in South Korea - June Woong Rhee and Eun-mee Kim The Changing Landscape of Political Communications in China - Xian Zhou Political Communication in Latin America - Silvio WaisboardPolitical Communication and Media Effects in the Context of New Democracies of East-Central Europe - Hubert Tworzecki Post-Soviet Political Communication - Sarah OatesAl-Jazeera Arabic, Transnational Identity and Influence - Sam CherribiGrassroots Political Communication in India: Women's Movements, Vernacular Rhetoric and Street Play Performance - Christine GarloughPolitical Communication in Post-Apartheid South Africa - Ian Glenn and Robert MattesSome Caveats about Comparative Research in Media Studies - Paolo Mancini and Daniel C. HallinNever Waste A Good Crisis: The British Phone Hacking Scandal and its Implications for Politics and the Press - Richard Tait
This authoritative and comprehensive survey of political communication draws together a team of the world's leading scholars to provide a state-of-the-art review that sets the agenda for future study. It is divided into five sections: