The Death of Caligula
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The Death of Caligula

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T. P. Wiseman
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Josephus' account of the murder of the Emperor Gaius (now better known as Caligula) is the most vivid and detailed ancient account we have of the final moments of any Roman emperor. It's full of intriguing detail -- from Gaius' tummy upset (or hangover) which made him skip lunch on the day he died, to the words spoken by the assassins as they put the knife in. Peter Wiseman is a learned and most engaging guide to the whole story, exploring many of the puzzles and questions that it raises. Where did Josephus get his information from? Where exactly did the murder take place? Wiseman knows the layout of the Julio-Claudian Palatine better than anyone else in the world, and he takes us down its back alleys and dark passages to pinpoint the very spot where the emperor met his very nasty end. -- Mary Beard 20130529
Illustrations Acknowledgements Introduction Abbreviations and Select Bibliography Flavius Josephus, Antiquitates Iudaicae XIX 1-273 I Preface II The Conspiracy III The Assassination IV Panic on the Palatine V The Republic Restored VI Obituary VII The Claudius Coup Note on the Text Commentary Appendices: 1 The Augustan Palatine 2 Cluvius Rufus Index of Names
Second, revised edition of T. P. Wiseman's 'Death of an Emperor' - his acclaimed translation and commentary of Flavius Josephus' account of Caligula's assassination. Includes an updated bibliography and a revised Appendix 1 on the Augustan Palatine which takes account of recent archaeological information.