Future Wars
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Future Wars

The Anticipations and the Fears
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Liverpool Science Fiction Texts & Studies

Introduction - David Seed 1. Future-War Fiction: The First Main Phase, 1871-1900 - I. F. Clarke 2. How America's Fictions of Future War Have Changed the World - H. Bruce Franklin 3. War Is Peace: Conscrption and Mobilization in the Modern Utopia - Patrick Parrinder 4. From Unvasion to Liberation: Alternative Visions of Mars, Planet of War - Robert Crossley 5. John Henry Palmer's The Invasion of New York, or, How Hawaii Was Annexed: Political Discourse and Emergent Mass Culture in 1897 - John Rieder 6. John Wyndham's World War III and his Abandoned Fury of Creation Trilogy - David Ketterer 7. Prophesying Neocolonial Wars in 1950s American Science Fiction - Rob Latham 8. On the Beach: British Nuclear Fiction and the Spaces of Empire's End - Brian Baker 9. Adapting the Absurd Apocalypse: Eugene Burdick's and Harvey Wheeler's Fail-Safe and its Cinematic Progeny - Nicholas Ruddick 10. The Strategic Defence Initiative: A Utopian Fantasy - David Seed 11. When All Wars Are Done: The Transcendent Humanity of Iain M. Banks - Patricia Kerslake 12. 'The Benefit and the Handicap of Hindsight': Modelling Risk and Reassessing Future-War Fiction after the 9/11-Induced Shft to a US National Security Strategy of Pre-emptive Attack - A. Michael Matin 13. The War after Next: Anticipating Future Conflict in the New Millennium - Antulio J. Echevaria II The Writings of I. F. Clarke: A Checklist Bibliography Index
The subject of this timely book is that body of fiction which speculates in narrative form about the nature of wars likely to break out in the near or distant future. Future Wars concludes with an assessment by an officer in the U.S. Army of the continuing usefulness of future wars fiction.