Franco-British Academic Partnerships: The Next Chapter
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Franco-British Academic Partnerships: The Next Chapter

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Philippe Lane

Presentation - Maurice Fraser and Philippe Lane Foreword - M. David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science and Mme Valerie Pecresse, Ministre de l'Enseignement Superieur et de la recherche Sir Howard Davies, Director of London School of Economics (LSE) : Introduction - Franco-British University collaboration: Churchill's 1940 vision realised at last? Part one: Teaching and Training Agueda Perez Munoz : Why the United Kingdom is important to us?. Huw Landeg Morris : France-Welsh Academic partnerhips: A case study involving transnational and cross-sector mobility. Marian Carthy, Colin Christie, Hazel Crichton, Daniele Flament, Marc Klein, Brian Templeton : Double Diplomas Master Fle/PGCE-PGDE : a Franco-British training route of excellence for worldwide teachers of French L2 and even more? Christopher Cripps, Julie Mc Donald: The Entente Cordiale: A Grande Ecole Engineering School Perspective. Sylvie Decaux, Marie-Annick Mattioli, Guillaume Robin : The Links between British Universities and IUTs in France : Towards new forms of collaboration. Florence Mele : Cooperation between UK and French higher education institutions: the case of ESCP Europe, a top ranking business school, awarding French and British degrees. Valerie Andre et Jean Vivies: Franco-British Academic Partnerships : the case of the University of Provence. Eric Boulanger, Celine Faye : Lille Medical School and regional University Hospital: The Crossroads of European Academic Partnership! Renaud Le Goix, Pascal de Vareilles-Sommieres: University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne : An outlook over 30 years of Franco-British partnerships. Chris Cooper : Towards a vision for a networked European Business School: Oxford Brookes University Business School and the Burgundy School of Business. Part two: Research and Partnerships Gilbert Bereziat: Pierre et Marie Curie University's Franco-British partnerships. Diana Cooper-Richet and Michel Rapoport: Culture FB, Network for research on Franco-British cultural relations (19-20th Century). Peter Gosling: The School of Civil Engineering & Geosciences' French partnerships. Yves Lecointe: International relationships : individual or global strategy for a university? Philippe Mayaud: Franco-British Academic Partnerships : London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine. Laurence Frabolot, Christophe Vallat-Kollery: The Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, An outlook on specialized research for cooperation between Britain and France. Philip Ogden, Andrew Hussey : International university partnerships and the role of the French connection: the experience of a London College. Penelope Gardner-Chloros : Multicultural London English/Multicultural Paris French. Serge Plattard : The Environment for Research and Partnerships. Part three : Prospects and Potential New Areas for Collaboration Anne Corbett: Building Bridges or Breaking Down Walls? The European Politics of Higher Education Cooperation Before and After Bologna. Andrew Robinson : Faire mieux ensemble - a new approach to Franco-British research collaboration for growth and employment. John Law : Internationalising Higher Education. Anne Plaine : CampusFrance, the French Agency dedicated to international mobility in higher education and research. Ada Quentin Perez (Noir sur Blanc) : The role of UK media in the communications of France's Grande Ecole Business Schools. David Wahl: The Franco-British Connection: A student/alumni network supporting Franco-British student initiatives. Arnaud Vaissie, Pascal Boris: Universities, Research and Businesses: a golden triangle-a comparative perspective between France and UK.
While the steady increase in joint programs offered by British and French universities is cause for considerable celebration, a variety of obstacles, including language constraints, financial pressures, and political uncertainty, have hindered their continued expansion. Bringing together contributors from within academia, the government, and prominent institutions, "Franco-British Academic Partnerships: The Next Chapter" takes stock of intensifying bilateral cooperation in higher education and explores how institutions on either side of the Channel can help realize the enormous potential of Franco-British partnerships. With its wealth of suggestions for new initiatives and areas for collaboration, this book will be required reading for academics and university leaders.