The Monster Evil: Policing and Violence in Victorian Liverpool
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The Monster Evil: Policing and Violence in Victorian Liverpool

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John E. Archer
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List of illustrations, figures and tables Preface Acknowledgements List of abbreviations Street map of Liverpool in the 1880s Part I. Liverpool 1. Liverpool and the taint of criminality 2. Liverpool: 'The most immoral of all immoral places' Part II. Policing the borough 3. 'An army to check barbarism': the policing of Liverpool 4. The community and the police: evidence, lies and violence Part III. Violent crime in Liverpool 5. The fighting Irish 6. The fist, the boot and the knife: male-on-male violence 7. The Liverpool cornermen, gangs and garrotting 8. Female savages and tippling viragoes: violent women 9. Women as victims of domestic and sexual violence 10. 'A constant state of strife': family violence 11. 'Boy brigands' and 'young savages': juvenile criminals and their young victims 12. 'A most unmerciful beating': adult violence to children 13. A conclusion. 'Giving a dog a bad name': Liverpool and its criminal reputation in the nineteenth century Appendix. Saturday night and Sunday morning: Hugh Shimmin's account of the Rosehill night shift Notes Bibliography General index Index of people Index of street names and places
During the nineteenth century, Liverpool had a notorious reputation as a dangerous, violent, crime-ridden city. Yet were these fears justified? Or were they rather the sensational inventions of Victorian-era news? "The Monster Evil" explores Liverpool's history of violent crime and its policing by the then-new constabulary through the use of police records, local and national press, and contemporary accounts of the violence confronting constables on night patrol. The first significant account of nineteenth-century violence in a British city, this book covers the entire spectrum of violent crime, from murder to drunken assault, and sheds light on the role of the police in combating it.