French Studies in and for the 21st Century
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French Studies in and for the 21st Century

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Philippe Lane

Presentation Philippe Lane and Michael Worton Introduction Baroness Jean Cousins S.E.M. Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, Ambassadeur de France au Royaume-Uni. M. Jean-Paul Rebaud, Ministere des Affaires etrangeres et europeennes. Diana Holmes : The historical perspective : British Universities and French Studies ". Research and Public Engagement Strategies Adrian Armstrong: "The "exception anglo-saxonne"? Diversity and viability of French studies in the UK". Charles Forsdick: "Why French Studies matters: Disciplinary Identity and Public Understanding". Michael Kelly: "Learning from France: the public impact of French scholars in the UK since the Second World War". The development of Women in French Studies Michelle Cohen, Hilary Footit, Amy Wigant: "Gender and the French language : the longue duree of French Studies in the UK. Gill Rye: "Contemporary women's writing in French: Future Perspectiveson Formal and Informal Research Networks". The Place of Literature Simon Gaunt, Nick Harrison : "Teaching French Literature in UK Universities in the 21st Century". Alain Viala : "Oxford, Theatre and Quarrels". William Burgwinkle : "Defining (or redefining) priorities in curriculum when the good times have flown". Susan Harrow, Eddie Hughes : The Place of Linguistics in French Studies Today Wendy Ayres-Bennett, Kate Beeching, Pierre Larrivee, Florence Myles : "French Linguistics Research and Teaching in UK and Irish HE Institutions". Andy Rothwell, Jo Drugan : "The Rise of Translation". Theatre, Cinema and Popular Culture David Looseley : "Popular Culture, The Final Frontier: How Far Should We Boldly go?" Phil Powrie, Keith Reader : "Teaching and Research in French Cinema". Maire Cross : "Diversity and Difference in French Studies: 1979-2009: A Case Study of the Association of Modern and Contemporary France". Post-Colonial Studies and War and Culture Nicola Cooper, Debra Kelly : "War and Culture within and without French Studies: The "Cultural Turn" From France to the World Beyond and Back Again". Emmanuel Godin, Tony Chafer : "An Area Studies Approach in a European and Global Context: French Studies in Portsmouth". David Murphy: "French Studies and the Postcolonial: The demise or the rebirth of the French Department?" Maryse Bray, Helene Gill, Laurence Randall : "French Studies and Employability at Home and Abroad: The Experience of Westminster". Adventures in Language Teaching Dominique Borel : "Technologically-enhanced programmes: opportunities and challenges". Jim Coleman, Elodie Vialleton : "French Studies at the Open University". Laurence Auer : "Culturetheque: un outil au service des etudes et recherches francophones".
With contributions from leading scholars across the entire range of French studies, this up-to-date volume examines both the current state of French studies in the United Kingdom, as well as its future in an increasingly interdisciplinary world where student demand, new technologies, and developments in transnational education are changing the ways in which we teach, learn, research and assess achievements. Required reading for French studies scholars worldwide, this volume builds upon the findings of the influential Review of Modern Foreign Languages Provision in Higher Education and maps the present and future of the field.