ARIS Design Platform
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ARIS Design Platform

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Eric Brabänder
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"This practical "how-to" guide to using the ARIS Design Platform & how to use it to create real business models describes the new release of ARIS 7 Design Platform including ARIS Business Architect & ARIS Business Designer.
An Introduction to BPM.- to the ARIS Platform.- The Basics of Process Modelling with the ARIS Design Platform.- Business Process Architecture with ARIS.- Getting Started with Your First Model.- More About the ARIS Interface.- The Event-driven Process Chain.- ARIS Explorer Module.- ARIS Designer Module.- Model Appearance.- Objects and Relationships.- Model Assignments and the Function Allocation Diagram.- Modelling your Business Structure.- ARIS Properties and Attributes.- Definitions, Occurrences and Copies.- Standardised Modelling with ARIS.- Roles and Responsibilities for BPM.
At the end of the 1980s, Professor August-Wilhelm Scheer developed ARIS as a meta-model for organisational modelling and to provide a procedural model for recording, analysis and optimisation of business processes and their implemen- tion in software systems. In 1993, IDS Scheer released ARIS Toolset; the first version of the ARIS modelling software based upon the ARIS methodology. Today, the ARIS Platform is confirmed by the Gartner Group (2001) and Forrester Research (2006) as the worldwide market leader in business process modelling and BPM software. The Platform consists of more than 20 different products covering the whole BPM lifecycle from business process strategy, to process design and through process implementation to process controlling. The ARIS products and the ARIS method are also delivered through strong partn- ships with companies such as SAP or Oracle. This success shows that IDS Scheer is always aligned to the wishes and requirements of our customers and partners.