View-Dependent Character Animation
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View-Dependent Character Animation

Academic/professional/technical: Undergraduate
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Parag Chaudhuri
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Introduces view-dependent character animation and covers all the relevant background work
Introduction.- Principles of Animation.- The Animation Pipeline.- Moving-camera Character Animation.- Designing a Framework for View-Dependant Animation.- Tour of the Book.- A Framework for View-Dependant Animation.- Prior Work.- The View Space.- Distance of Viewpoint.- Other Extensions.- Chapter Summary.- View-Dependant Animation from Sketches.- Prior Work.- Overview of the Pipeline.- Inputs.- Recovering the Camera.- Posing the Character.- Animating the Character.-Discussion of Other Results.- Chapter Summary.-View-Dependant Animation from Multi-modal Inputs.- Challenges in Multi-Modal Authoring of Animation.- Prior Work.- Creating a View Space from Video.- Creating the View Space from Multi-modal Inputs.- Generating the Animation from Video.- Generating the Animation from Multi-Modal Inputs.- Chapter Summary.- Stylistic Reuse of View-Dependant Animations.- Prior Work.- Animating Multiple Characters from the Same View Space.- Animating Multiple Characters from Multiple View Spaces.- Animating Different Parts of a Single character from a Single View Space.- Chapter Summary.- Discussion and Future Directions.- Discussion.- Future Directions.- Camera Models and Computation of the Camera Matrix.- The Exponential Map Parameterization of Rotations.-Spherical Joint Limits with Reach Cones.-References.- Index
Creating moving camera character animations in 3D is a multi-faceted computer graphics and computer vision problem that requires a formal representation of the moving camera, and efficient algorithms to help author manage and render the multitude of character poses required for the animation. This well-researched book introduces view-dependent character animation, covering all the relevant background work. Numerous example animations are offered to explain and illustrate this versatile technique.