Towards Synthesis of Micro-/Nano-systems
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Towards Synthesis of Micro-/Nano-systems

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Fumihiko Kimura
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Keynote Papers: Merging Technologies for Optics.- Fast Tool Servos: Advances in Precision, Acceleration, and Bandwidth.- Microsystem Technologies for Automotive Applications.- Full Papers [A1 Design]: System Concept and Innovative Component Design for Ultra-Precision Assembly Processes.- Development of a Design Tool for Machine Tools Combining Conceptual Design Support and Detail Design Method.- Precision Contouring Control of Multi-Axis Feed Drive Systems.- Areal Gear Flank Description as a Requirement for Optical Gear Metrology.- [A2 System]: Detecting Perturbation Occurrence during Walking.- Supporting the Reuse of Parts Based on Operation Histories of Products and Preference of Consumers.- Multi-objective Reactive Scheduling Based on Genetic Algorithm.- [A3 Measurement].- Ultraprecision Wide-angle Profile Measurement with Air-bearing Cylinder Slant Probes.- Development of a Laser-Guided Deep-Hole Measuring System: Autocollimation System.- Development of an Optical Measuring Device for Rotation Accuracy of Micro-Spindle: Application to Measurements of a High-Speed Spindle.- Measurement of Involute Profile by Rolling of Artifact.- [A4 Actuator]: Study on Manufacturing Method to Reduce Cogging Torque of Motor with Separate Core.- A High Power and Precision Ultrasonic Linear Motor with Lateral Flexible Supports.- A Precise Motion Measurement of a Miniature Robot Driven by the Deformation of Piezoelectric Actuators.- Development of IVUS (Intra-Vascular Ultra-Sound) Driven by Ultrasonic Micro Motor -Principle of Drive and Detection Methods.- [A5 Precise mechanism]: Development of Membrane Driven Micropump -Principle of Microbubble Driving Mechanism and Prototype.- A 3-DOF Rotational Precision Positioning Stage using Spring-mounted PZT Actuators.- Active Damping of a Wafer Loading Robot using Piezoceramic Actuators.- [A6 Control/Sensing]: Visual Feedback Control of a Micro Lathe.- An 8-Axis Robot Based Rough Cutting System for Surface Sculpturing.- A New Position Surveying System for the Underground Pipes Using Two Rotary Encoders.- [A7 Machine tools]: Measurement of Cutting Torque by Speed Increasing Spindle.- Diamond Turning using Water Drive Spindle.- Development and Evaluation of a High-Precision Machining Center with Friction-Less Drives.- Machining Feature-Driven 5-Axis CNC Machine Tools.- [B1 Micro structure]: Selective Anodising Technologies for Obtaining Translucent Micro Structures.- Development of Rectangular Microblasting Nozzle.- Thick SU-8 Mask for Micro Channeling of Glass by using Micro Abrasive Jet Machining.- Fabrication of Self-assembled Microstructure using Controlled Liquid Spreading on Textured Surface.- [B2 Micro/Nano manipulation]: Improving Performance of Direct Photosynthetic/Metabolic Micro Bio Fuel Cell (DPBFC) by Gene Manipulation of Bacteria.- Nanometer Deflection Control of AFM Probe by Irradiating Polarized Laser and its Application to Nano-Structuring Process.- Investigation on Fabricating 3D Structures Using Inkjet Printing Technology.- Miniaturization of Dot Pattern by Metal Forming for Direct Marking of 2D Barcode Symbols.- [B3 Plasma process]: Plasma Etching Based Processes for the Fabrication of Micro Structured Linear Guide.- Ultraprecision Finishing of Photomask Substrate by Utilizing Atmospheric Pressure Plasma..- Development of Ultra Precision Finishing Method for Quartz Crystal Wafer Utilizing Atmospheric Pressure Plasma.- Sub-nanometer Smoothing of Diamond-turned Metal Surfaces using Ion Beams.- [B4 Laser process]: Laser Machining of Cobalt Cemented Tungsten Carbides.- Study of Thermal Deformation of a Base Sheet Caused by Laser Cutting.- Laser Welding of Transparent Resin Plates.- Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Hydroxyapatite Coating on Stainless Steel 316L by Laser Surface Treatment.- [B5 Polishing/Finishing]: Novel Abrasive-free Planarization of Si and SiC using Catalyst.- Polishing of Single Crystal SiC with the LHA Pad.- A Computational Study on Slurry Flow between a Wafer and CMP Pad with Grooves.- [B6 Integrated process]: Multilevel Computer Generated Hologram on a Curved Surface for High Power CO2 Laser Beam Shaping.- Milling-Combined Laser Metal Sintering System and Production of Injection Molds with Sophisticated Functions.- Development of Optical Elements with ELID-grinding and MRF Synergistic Finishing Process.- Fabrication of Ultraprecisely Figured Mirror for Nano Focusing Hard-x-ray.- [B7 Grinding]: Surfaces Formation of Precision ELID Grinding Rock Minerals.- Dressing of Coarse-Grained Diamond Wheels for Ductile Machining of Brittle Materials.- Study on Subsurface Damage Generated in Ground Si Wafer.- Fabrication of High-quality Surfaces on Precise Lens Mold Materials by a new ELID Grinding Wheel.- Short Papers [Design]: A GA-based Optimization of Compliant Micro-manipulator.- Path Control Scheme for Vision Guided Micro Manipulation System.- Machined Surface Analysis for 5-axis Machine Tools.- [System]: A New Approach Manufacturing Cell Scheduling based on Skill-based Manufacturing Integrated to Genetic Algorithm.- Slide-bending Formation of Thin Metal Sheet by Using an Industrial Robot.- [Machine]: High Accuracy and High Capacity Motor Cooling System Using Phase Change of Refrigerant for Semiconductor Lithography Apparatus.- Development of the Earthworm Robot using a Shape Memory Alloy.- Improvement of Propulsion Mechanism based on the Inertial Force.- [Measurement]: A High-order Spline Filter for Surface Roughness Measurement.- Surface Structure of Monocrystalline Silicon that has been Anisotropically Corroded with the Help of Microwaves.- [Novel Process]: Development of an Ultra-Thin 100 Micron Diametrical Coaxial Cable using a Coating Technique.- Study on Si Wafer Cooling by Low Pressure Argon Gas in Vacuum Eenvironment.- [Process]: Research on Development of Advanced Analyzer Components with Ultraprecision.- Effects of Wear of Single Crystal Diamond Tool with Large Nose Radius on Work Hardening and Residual Stress.- Experimental Analysis And Optimization of Cutting Parameters for End Milling Aluminium Alloy.- Study on the ELID Grinding Forces of Ceramics and Steels.- Grinding of C/C-SiC composite in dry method.- Micromachining Characteristics of Sapphire Surface with Fifth Harmonic Nd:YAG Lasers.- Development of an Automatic Scraping Machine with Recognition for Bearing of Scraped Surfaces: Construction of Automatic Scraping Machine.
This collection of papers, presented at the 11th International Conference on Precision Engineering, offers a broader global perspective on the challenges and opportunities ahead. The discussion encompasses leading-edge technologies and forecasts future trends. Coverage includes advanced manufacturing systems; ultra-precision- and micro-machining; nanotechnology for fabrication and measurement; rapid prototyping and production technology; new materials and advanced processes; computer-aided production engineering; manufacturing process control; production planning and scheduling, and much more.