Corrosion of Metallic Heritage Artefacts: Investigation, Conservation and Prediction of Long Term Behaviour
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Corrosion of Metallic Heritage Artefacts: Investigation, Conservation and Prediction of Long Term Behaviour

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P. Dillmann
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240x163x36 mm
48, European Federation of Corrosi
Examination and conservation of historic and archaeological metal artefacts: A European overview; Corrosion behaviour of low alloy steels: From ancient past to far future; Archaeological metal artefacts and conservation issues: long term corrosion studies; Contribution of iron archaeological artefacts to the estimation of average corrosion rates and the long term corrosion mechanisms of low carbon steel buried in steel; Electrochemical study of steel artefacts from World War I: Contribution of A. C. impedance spectroscopy and chronoamperometry to describe the behaviour of the corrosion layers; Species transport in the corrosion products of ferrous archaeological analogues: A contribution to the modelling of iron long term corrosion mechanisms; Long term behaviour of iron embedded in concrete: From the characterisation of archaeological analogues to the verification of the oxygen reduction as the limiting step for corrosion rate; Study of the atmospheric corrosion of iron by ageing historical artefacts and contemporary low-alloy steel in climatic chamber: Comparison with mechanistic modelling; The corrosion of metallic artefacts in seawater: Descriptive analysis; Contribution of the local and structural characterisation for studies of the corrosion mechanisms related to the presence of chlorine on the archaeological ferrous artefacts; A proposal to describe reactivated corrosion of archaeological iron objects; Simulation of corrosion processes of buried archaeological bronze artefacts; Corrosion patina or international patina: contribution of non-destructive analyses to the surface study of copper based archaeological objects; Tin and copper oxides in corroded archaeological bronzes; Corrosion problems and reconstruction of the copper roof on the summer palace of Queen Ann's in Prague; Long term corrosion of iron at the waterlogged site Nydam in Denmark: Studies of environment, archaeological artefacts and modern analogues; On-line corrosion monitoring of indoor atmospheres; Corrosion inhibitors for metallic artefacts: temporary protection; Surface characterisation of corrosion inhibitors on bronzes for artistic casting.
With its distinguished editors and contributors,Corrosion of metallic heritage artefacts improves our understanding of long term corrosion and its effects. It provides a valuable reference for those involved in archaeology and conservation, as well as those dealing with the long term storage of nuclear and other waste.