Environmentally Compatible Food Packaging
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Environmentally Compatible Food Packaging

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Part 1 Biobased food packaging materials: new directions: State-of-the-art biobased food packaging materials; Types, production and assessment of biobased food packaging materials; Thermoplastic nanobiocomposites for rigid and flexible food packaging applications; Improved fibre-based packaging for food applications; Starch-based edible films; The use of chitin and chitosan for food packaging applications. Part 2 Using environmentally compatible packaging technologies in the food industry: Consumer attitude to food packaging and the market for environmentally-compatible products; Environmental assessment of food packaging and advanced methods for choosing the correct materials; Measuring the environmental performance of food packaging: life cycle assessment; Eco-design of food packaging materials; Additives for environmentally-compatible active food packaging; Recycling of food packaging materials: an overview; Recycled plastics for food applications: improving safety and quality; Recycled paper and board for food applications: improving safety and quality. Part 3 Environmentally compatible food packaging for particular applications: Overview of environmentally compatible polymeric materials for food packaging; Modified atmosphere packaging using environmentally compatible and active food packaging materials; Active environmentally compatible food packaging; Biobased intelligent food packaging; Environmentally compatible packaging of fresh agricultural and horticultural produce; Biobased packaging of dairy products; Environmentally friendly packaging of muscle foods; Legislation and certification of environmentally-compatible packaging in the EU.
Food packaging performs an essential function, but packaging materials can have a negative impact on the environment. This collection reviews bio-based, biodegradable and recycled materials and their current and potential applications for food protection and preservation.