Improving the Health-Promoting Properties of Fruit and Vegetable Products
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Improving the Health-Promoting Properties of Fruit and Vegetable Products

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F. A. Tomas-Barberan
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Part 1 Introductory issues: Overview of health-promoting compounds in fruits and vegetables; Consumer attitudes towards fruit and vegetables; Marketing healthy fruit. Part 2 The health effects of fruit and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables and cancer; Fruits and vegetables, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity; Epidemiologic evidence for the effect of fruits and vegetables on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity; Beneficial effects of phenolic compounds from fruits and vegetables in neurodegenerative diseases; Fruits and vegetables (FAV), energy balance, and weight management. Part 3 Understanding fruit and vegetable phytochemicals: Physiological and ecological functions and biosynthesis of health-promoting compounds in fruit and vegetables; Rapid analysis of phytochemicals in fruit and vegetables; Clinical evidence for biological activity of fruit and vegetable phytochemicals. Part 4 Effect of pre-and post-harvest technologies on the health-promoting properties of fruit and vegetables: Traditional breeding to enhance the phytonutrient content of fruit and vegetables; Genetic manipulation of vegetable crops to alleviate diet-related diseases; Agronomy and the nutritional quality of fruit; Agronomy and the nutritional quality of vegetables; Storage and handling of fruits and vegetables for optimal health-related quality; Postharvest enhancement of bioactive compounds in fresh produce using abiotic stresses; Processing techniques and their effect on fruit and vegetable phytochemicals. Part 5 The nutritional quality of particular fruit and vegetable products: Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables; Organic fruit and vegetables; Extraction and concentration techniques for bioactives from fruit and vegetables.
Introductory chapters provide an overview of fruit and vegetable bioactives and discuss the effects of fruit and vegetables consumption on health. Following chapters review the impact of agronomy, post-harvest treatments and processing on the nutritional quality of fresh fruit and vegetables and their products.