Functional Dairy Products
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Functional Dairy Products

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Maria Saarela
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Part 1 The health benefits of functional dairy products: Dairy components in weight management: a broad perspective; The effects of dairy components on food intake and satiety; Dairy products, probiotics and the health of infants and children; Functional dairy products for gastrointestinal infections and dysfunction; Probiotics, prebiotics and inflammatory bowel disease; Dairy products and HIV/AIDS; Dairy products and oral health. Part 2 Functional dairy ingredients: Dairy propionibacteria as probiotics; Synbiotics: combining the benefits of pre- and probiotics; Hypoallergenic hydrolysates for the prevention and treatment of cow's milk allergy; Plant sterols and stanols as functional ingredients in dairy products. Part 3 Product development: Regulation of functional dairy products; Using biomarkers and other indicators of efficacy to demonstrate the health benefits of functional dairy products; Experimental models to investigate the effect of functional dairy products: the case of colon carcinogenesis; Molecular approaches to assess the activity and functionality of commensual and ingested bifidobacteria in the human intestinal tract; Genetics and functional genomics of probiotic bacteria: translation to applications; Characterising probiotic microorganisms; Methods to improve the viability and stability of probiotics; Microencapsulation for delivery of probiotics and other ingredients in functional dairy products; Assessing the safety of probiotics with regard to antibiotic resistance; Development of dairy based functional foods enriched in conjugated linoleic acid with special reference to rumenic acid; Developing dairy weight management products; Developing a functional dairy product: from research on Lactobacillus helveticus to industrial application of Cardi 04 in novel antihypertensive drinking yoghurts.
Together with its companion volume, Functional dairy products: Volume 2 is an invaluable reference for professionals and researchers in the development and production of functional dairy products.