Origin and Evolution of Languages: Approaches, Models, Paradigms
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Origin and Evolution of Languages: Approaches, Models, Paradigms

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Serge Cleuziou
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Introduction Serge Cleuziou (CNRS), Jean Paul Demoule (University of Paris 1), Pierre Encreve (EHESS), Bernard Laks (University of Paris 10) Part One : ab originemGenetic evolution and the evolution of languagesL.L.Cavalli-Sforza, Genetics Dept. Stanford University Languages, genes, and prehistory, with special reference to Europe Bernard Comrie, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, and University of California Santa Barbara Poor Design Features in Language as Clues to its PrehistoryAndrew Carstairs-McCarthy, Linguistics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand What Can We Learn About the Earliest Human Language by Comparing Languages Known Today? Lyle Campbell, Linguistics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand Conceptualization, Communication, and the Origins of GrammarFrederick J. Newmeyer University of Washington The Origin of Language as a Product of the Evolution of Modern Cognition Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner, University of California San Diego and Case University Part Two : post originem Genetics and Language: Comparatism and Genealogy in PerspectiveBernard Laks, University of Paris 10 Simulating the expansion of farming and the differentiation of European languagesDomenico Parisi, Francesco Antinucci, Francesco Natale, Federico Cecconi, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, Italian National Research Council On Renfrew's Hypothesis of the Near-Eastern Origins of the Indo-European UrheimatJean-Paul Demoule, University of Paris 1 New Perspectives on the Origin of Languages Merrit Ruhlen Stanford University Linguistic History and Computational Cladistics Don Ringe and Tandy Warnow, University of Pennsylvania and University of TexasWhat do Creoles and Pidgins Tell Us About the Evolution of Languages?Salikoko S. Mufwene University of Chicago Linguistics and archaeologySerge Cleuziou University Paris 1
Includes contribution from various disciplines that have been wary, traditionally, of extending beyond their borders: linguistics (different branches thereof), philosophy, history and prehistory, archaeology, anthropology, genetics and computer-modelling.