Athenian Potters and Painters Volume II
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Athenian Potters and Painters Volume II

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John H. Oakley
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297x213x28 mm

Dionysos in Context: Two Attic Red-figure Kraters of the Early Fourth Century BC (Amalia Avramidou); Attic Red-figure Pottery from Olympia (Martin Bentz); Spruce, Pine, or Fir Which did Sinis Prefer? (Elke and Hans-Joachim Bohr); Inside/Outside: Revisiting a Chous in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Sheramy D. Bundrick); Herakles, Athena und Chthonia Gorgo: Mythos und Kunst in den Topferwerkstatten des Kerameikos in Athen (Stamatis Fritzilas); Seeing the Image: Constructing a Data-base of the Imagery on Attic Pottery from 635 to 300 BC (Filippo and Innocenza Giudice); The Jena Workshop Reconsidered: Some New Thoughts on Old Finds (Kleopatra Kathariou); The Iconography of Madness in Attic Vase-Painting (Eurydice Kefalidou); Women and Deer: from Athens to Corinth and Back (Sonia Klinger); The Sky as hippodromes Agonistic Motives within Astral Representations (Bettina Kratzmueller); An Aristocrat in the Athenian Kerameikos: The Kleophrades Painter = Megakles (Bettina Kreuzer); Sourcing Stories: the Embassy to Achilles on Attic Pottery (Elizabeth Langridge-Noti); Iconographical Divergencies in Late Athenian Black-Figure: The Judgement of Paris (Anna A. Lemos); Wheel without Chariot A Motif in Attic Vase-Painting (Adrienne Lezzi-Hafter); Erotic Images on Attic Vases: Markets and Meanings (Kathleen M. Lynch); Nikosthenic Pyxides between Etruria and Greece (Claire L. Lyons); Coupes attiques a figures rouges trouvees a Thasos (Jean-Jacques Maffre); Old Age in Athenian Vase-Painting (Susan B. Matheson); Prometheus oder Atlas? Zur Deutung der Amphora Munchen 1540 (Heide Mommsen); The Unheroic Corpse: Re-reading the Sarpedon Krater (Jenifer Neils); Attic Imports at Marion: Preliminary Results of the Princeton University Archaeological Expedition to Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus (J. Michael Padgett); The Relocation of Potters and the Dissemination of Style: Athens, Corinth, Ambrakia, and the Agrinion Group (John K. Papadopoulos); White-ground Lekythoi in Athenian Private Collections: Some Iconographic Observations (Maria Pipili); Early Red-figure in Context (Susan I. Rotroff); Topographies of Cult and Athenian Civic Identity on Two Masterpieces of Attic Red-Figure (H. A. Shapiro); The Invention of the Female Nude: Zeuxis, Vase-Painting, and the Kneeling Bather (Robert F. Sutton); The Meidias Painter and the Jena Painter Revisited (Olga V. Tugusheva); Mortals Facing the Goddess: Thoughts on the Panathenaic Amphora of Lydos in Florence and some Pseudo-Panathenaic Vases (Panos Valavanis); Picturing Potters and Painters (Dyfri Williams).
Presents the proceedings of the second Athenian Potters and Painters conference, which was held at the American School of Classical Studies, Athens 2007. This title contains 32 papers that are the result not only of a large amount of material but also the dynamic appearance of a younger generation of scholars dealing with the subject.