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Jack Mercury and the Zombies of Remus

Jack Mercury Chronicles
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George W. Gardner
Premier Destinations
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Jack is on his first mission with the Solar Navy when his ship is over run by a Zombie hoard. He leads a band of fellow crewman to find the source of the infection and bring the perpetrators to justice. Jack has an intense hatred for the Bretheren, a group of space settlers that he believes killed his parents in a pirate raid. When the evidence points to the Bretheren he vows to hunt them down and exterminate them. The Solar System is filled with corporate mining ships that ply the space ways in search of valuable minerals. The corrupt Drake family has devised a plot to over throw the power of the Solar Navy and rake in massive profits from the transport of rich minerals in the Trojan asteroids following the Jupiter orbit. When Fallon Drake unleashes his Zombie army the effects are devistating. Captain Carter races to the Solar Base on Ceres but he's too late. The Zombies have struck and the base has been devastated. He only hopes that Jack and company can find the source of the infection and bring back an antidote to counteract the terrible curse. Along the way Jack finds himself attracted to a beautiful science officer and learns that maybe not all of the things he believes about the Bretheren are true.