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My Castle in Heaven

A true story of my Death at age 5 and traveling to my Castle in Heaven.
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Drew Diego Bennett
Castle Publishing LLC
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Introduction: Words from the Author p. 6

Chapter 1: My Death at age 5 p. 10

Chapter 2: My Ascension to Heaven, spending
time at my Castle & walking with God,
dead Relatives and Angels p. 14

Chapter 3: My Intergalactic Music Chamber p. 18

Chapter 4: Walking with Yeshua, Prophets,
Ascended Masters, Native American
Indian Elders, and Angels p. 21

Chapter 5: The Realm of Divine Worship p. 26

Chapter 6: The Elohim Realm, Elders and Overseers p.29

Chapter 7: The Angel of Wisdom p. 33

Chapter 8: The Monks and Their Training p. 36

Chapter 9: The Oglaga Chamber of Wisdom
and the Native Indian Elder; (Akashic records Chamber) p. 39

Chapter 10: Back from Death, Returning to Earth p. 42

Chapter 11: The Orphanage p. 46

Chapter 12: Back to my Childhood Family p. 49
Chapter 13: Refuge in Music p. 54
Chapter 14: Refuge in Sports and my 2nd Visit to Heaven p. 57

Chapter 15: Back to Earth Again p. 60

Chapter 16: Leaving My Mother's Home p. 63

Chapter 17: My Children and Family p. 65

Chapter 18: Spiritual Mentors p. 68

Chapter 19: Training from Naturopath M.D.
Dr. Jackie and the Taoist Monks p. 73

Chapter 20: My Older Half-Brother and his
Karma-Judgement p. 77

Chapter 21: My Mother's Death p. 80

Chapter 22: Helping Others, Personal Outreach
and Spiritual Works-Philanthropy p. 82

Chapter 23: Therapies p. 87

Chapter 24: My 3rd Visit to Heaven p. 92

Chapter 25: Caretaking my Dad and His Death p. 96

Chapter 26: My Long-lost Family p. 103

Chapter 27: Purpose and Fulfillment p. 106

Chapter 28: Closing Thoughts and Encouragement p. 110
This is the true account of my death experience when I was five years old, my journey to my castle in Heaven, and my life story; and I wish to share my experience with you.