Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress I
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Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress I

 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Donald Armstrong
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Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress I covers the field of oxidative stress with state-of-the-art technology to utilize in research, contributed by an international panel of experts renowned for developing new procedures and methods.
Describes novel probes for detecting ROS and RNS
Part I. Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Techniques 1. Novel Designed Probes for the Characterization of Oxidative Stress in Biological Fluids, Cell and Tissues Jacob Vaya 2. A Rapid and Selective Mass Spectroscopic Method for the Identification of Nitrated Proteins Angela Amoresano, Giovanni Chiappetta, Piero Pucci and Gennaro Marino 3. An Easy and Reliable Automated Method to Estimate Oxidative Stress in the Clinical Setting Cristina Vassalle 4. Correlative Transmission Microscopy: Cytochemical Localization and Immunocytochemical Localization in Studies of Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress E. Ann Ellis 5. Detection of Specifically Oxidized Apolipoproteins in Oxidized HDL Xiao Suo Wang and Roland Stocker 6. High Performance Liquid Chromatography / Electron Spin Resonance / Mass Spectroscopy Analysis of Lipid-Derived Radicals Hideo Iwahashi 7. EPR Spin-Trapping and Nano LC MS/MS Techniques for DEPMPO/ OOH and Immunospin-trapping with Anti-DMPO Antibody in Mitochondrial Electron Transfer System Yeong-Renn Chen 8 Determination of High Mitochondrial Membrane Potential in Spermatazoa loaded with the Mitochondrial Probe 5, 5', 6, 6'- tetrachloro-1, 1', 3, 3'-tetraethylbenzimazoyolyl-carbocyanine iodide ( JC-! ) and for Using Fluorescence-activated Flow Cytometry H. David Guthrie and Glenn R. Welch 9. TEMPO Probes for Evaluating Oxidative Stress on the Cell Membrane and Mitochondria Hidehiko Nakagawa and Naoki Miyata 10. Zymographical Techniques for Detection of Matrix Metallproteinases Shinichi Iwai, Takako Nakanishi-Ueda , Donald Armstrong and Katsuji Oguchi 11. The Use of in vivo Microanalysis Techniques to Detect Exracellular ROS in Resting and Contracting Skeletal Muscle Graeme L. Close and Malcolm J. Jackson 12. Cell-free Antibody Capture Method for Analysis of Detergent-Resistant Membrane Rafts Anil Bamezai and Colleen Kennedy 13. Determination of Acrolein by High Voltage Capillary Electrophoresis from Oxidized Fatty Acids Rafael Medina-Navarro Part II. Antioxidant Technology and Application 14. CUPRAC ( cupric ion reducing antioxidant capacity ) Assay for Food Antioxidants, Vitamins, Polyphenols and Flavonoids in Food Extracts Resat Apak , Kubilay Güçlü, Mustafa Özyürek, Burcu Bektasoglu and Mustafa Bener 15. Redox Property of Ribonucleotide Reductase Small Subunit M2 and p53R2 Xiyong Liu, Lijun Xue and Yun Yen 16. Antioxidant QSAR Modeling as Exemplified on Polyphenols Bono Lucic, Dragan Amic and Nenad Trinajstic 17. Immunohistochemical Staining of Cyclooxygenases with Monoclonal Antibodies Ghassan M. Saed 18. Examining the Endogenous Antioxidant Response Through Immunofluorescent Analysis of Nrf2 in Tissue Kathryn A. Lindl and Kelly L. Jordan-Sciutto 19. Determination of Oxidized and Reduced CoQ10 and CoQ9 in Human Plasma / Serum Using HPLC-ECD Ian N. Acworth, Paul A. Ullucci and Paul H. Gamache 20. Paraoxonases ( PON1 , PON2 , PON3 ) Analysis in vitro and in vivo in Relation to Cardiovascular Diseases Michael Aviram and Mira Rosenblat 21. Preparation, Characterization and Use of Antioxidant-Liposomes Hongsong Yang, Victor Paromov, Milton Smith and William L. Stone 22. Antioxidant Activity of Biotransformed Sex Hormones Facilitated by Bacillus Stearothermophilus Mohammad Afzal, Sameera Al-Awadi and Sosamma Oommen 23. Biolistic Mediated Production of Transgenic Oil
Protocols books specializing in measuring free radical and antioxidant biomarkers began to be published in 1998. Many of these methods are currently finding use in diagnostic medicine. Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress I covers the field of oxidative stress with state-of-the-art technology to utilize in research, contributed by an international panel of experts renowned for developing new procedures and methods. Included are sections on reactive oxygen and nitrogen species techniques, antioxidant technology and application, methods for analyzing gene expression, the exciting new area of oxidative stress and stem cell differentiation and specific biostatistical evaluation of biomarkers. This volume presents the current high-tech methodologies and provides a perspective on the diversity of applications in the ever-emerging field of free radical reactions and antioxidants. Due to the dynamic nature of this topic, this book will be the first of several volumes of Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress , all part of the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology(TM) series. As part of the series, the chapters include a brief introduction to the material, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and ensuring replication of technology.
Cutting-edge and convenient, Advanced Protocols in Oxidative Stress I is an ideal desk reference for scientists wishing to further this research in this exciting, unique and vital field of study.