Protocols for Nucleic Acid Analysis by Nonradioactive Probes
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Protocols for Nucleic Acid Analysis by Nonradioactive Probes

 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Elena Hilario
564 g
235x155x20 mm

Readily reproducible protocols for the analysis of nucleic acids by nonradioactive methods New fluorescent techniques such as Real Time PCR and microarrays Follow stepbystep instructions that ensure successful results Master tricks of the trade, troubleshoot, and avoid known pitfalls
(NOTE: Chapters not in MiMB/MiMM format are highlighted)
A. Nucleic Acid Extractions
1. Genomic DNA Isolation from Different Biological Materials
Duckchul Park
2 Extraction of Plant RNA
Elspeth MacRae
B. Indirect Detection
3 Overview on Hybridization and Detection Techniques
Elena Hilario
4 Checkerboard DNA:DNA Hybridization Technology using DIG Detection
Glenn Wall-Manning, Lisa S. Gellen, and Chris H. Sissons
5 Non-radioactive Northern and Southern analyses from Plant Samples
Christoph Peterhaensel, Dagmar Weier, and Thomas Lahaye
6 Screening a BAC library with Non-Radioactive Overlapping Oligonucleotide (Overgo) Probes
Elena Hilario, Tiffany Bennell, and Erik Rikkerink
7 Direct In-gel Hybridization of DNA with Digoxigenin-Labeled Probes
Saeed A. Khan and Mohamed S. Nawaz
8 In situ Hybridization of Termite Microbes
Shigeharu Moriya , Satoko Noda, Moriya Ohkuma and Toshiaki Kudo
C. Fluorescent Labeling and Detection
9 RNA Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay using a Fluorescent DNA Sequencer
Yukinori Eguchi
10 Comparative Quantitation of mRNA Expression in the Central Nervous System using Fluorescence In situ Hybridization
Darren Day, Eli M. Mrkusich, and John H. Miller
11 Visualization of Gene Expression by Fluorescent Multiplex RT-PCR Amplification
María Rosa Ponce, Víctor Quesada, Andrea Hricová, and José Luis Micol
12 Fluorescence In situ Hybridization for the Identification of Environmental Microbes
Annelie Pernthaler and Jakob Pernthaler
D. Kinetic ('Real-Time') PCR
13 Introduction to Kinetic (Real-Time) PCR
John Mackay
14 Validation of siRNA Knockdowns by Quantitative Real-Time PCR
Sukru Tuzmen
15 Real-Time Quantitative PCR as an Alternative to Southern Blot or FISH for Detection of Gene-Copy NumberChanges
Jasmien Hoebeeck, Frank Speleman, and Jo Vandesompele
16 Design and Working up a New Molecular Diagnostic Assay Based on Real-Time PCR
Harald Kessler
17 Real-Time PCR Fluorescent Chemistries
John Mackay and Olfert Landt
E. Microarrays
18 Microarrays: An Overview
Norman H. Lee and Alexander I. Saeed
19 Oligonucleotide Microarrays for the Study of Coastal Microbial Communities
Gaspar Taroncher-Oldenburg and Bess B. Ward
Protocols for Nucleic Acid Analysis by Non-radioactive Probes, Second Edition provides a firm background on the basic preparative protocols required for the analysis of nucleic acids by nonradioactive methods. Presenting the methodologies using amazing new applications, this volume offers guide chapters on nucleic acid extractions, preparation of nucleic acid blots, and labeling of nucleic acids with nonradioactive haptens. New fluorescent techniques such as Real Time PCR and microarrays are also included, allowing users to get a nonradioactive protocol implemented in the laboratory with minimum adaptation required and fastest time to results.
The protocols follow the successful Methods in Molecular Biology(TM) series format, each offering step-by-step laboratory instructions, an introduction outlining the principles behind the technique, lists of the necessary equipment and reagents, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.