Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence
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Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence

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Barbara McAfee
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Foreword: Peter Block Welcome Part I: Understanding Voice Chapter 1: Voice, Instinct, and the Oral Tradition: A Context for Voice Chapter 2: Voice and Identity: Who You Gonna Be While You Do What You Do? Chapter 3: Brain Rats: Addressing Fear Chapter 4: Voice 101: How Voices Work, What Goes Wrong, and Ways to Keep Them Healthy Part II: The Five Elements Framework Chapter 5: The Five Elements Framework Overview Chapter 6: Earth Voice--Gut Instinct, Authority, and Grounding Chapter 7: Fire Voice--Passion, Personal Power, and Vitality Chapter 8: Water Voice--Caring, Compassion, and Affirmation Chapter 9: Metal Voice--Clarity and Focus Chapter 10: Air Voice--Inspiration, Possibility, and Spiritual Connection Part III: Integration Chapter 11: Five Elements Framework Summary & Practice Guide Chapter 12: The Case for Singing and Poetry Chapter 13: Voices Lost and Found Chapter 14: Our Journey In Review Epilogue Five Elements Reference Guide Notes Resources Suggested Reading Acknowledgments Index About the Author
Your voice matters. Based on your tone and expression alone listeners make up their minds about you before they even process the meaning of your words. And if what you say is at odds with how you say it, they can miss your message altogether. Barbara McAfee offers a fun, tested method to harness the power of your voice to become a more effective and flexible communicator. She identifies five distinct vocal sounds-earth, fire, water, metal, and air-explaining how to cultivate each one. You'll learn how to use your voice to support the meaning and message you want to convey. Using this book along with her free online practice videos you'll experience an authentic shift in how you express yourself - and how you listen to others as well. You'll discover how opening your full voice connects you to sources of untapped potential, power, and aliveness.