50 Jobs in 50 States: One Man's Journey of Discovery Across America
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50 Jobs in 50 States: One Man's Journey of Discovery Across America

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Daniel Seddiqui
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Prologue - Believing in My Idea When No One Else Did 1. Realty Hits But No Turning Back2. Hitting Rock Bottom and Rebounding3. Turning Obstacles into Openings4. Not Just about Me Anymore5. Halfway Point Is Getting Rough6. Hitting My Stride and Taking Control7. Returning a Different Person8. New Curves and Bumps in the Road9. Adapting to New and Different Cultures10. Hitting Curveballs11. Finishing a Journey and Embarking on New DreamsEpilogue - A Lesson From America
Like lots of college grads, Daniel Seddiqui was having a hard time finding a job. But despite more than forty rejections, he knew there were opportunities out there. So he set out on an extraordinary quest: fifty jobs in fifty states in fifty weeks. And not just any jobs. His goal was as much to explore America as to explore different careers, so he chose jobs that reflected the culture and economy of each state. Working as everything from a cheesemaker in Wisconsin, a border patrol agent in Arizona and a meatpacker in Kansas to a lobsterman in Maine, a surfing instructor in Hawaii and a football coach in Alabama, Daniel chronicles how he adapted to the wildly differing people, cultures, and environments. From one week to the next he had no idea what he'd be doing, where he'd be sleeping, what he'd be eating, or how he'd be received. He even became a roving news item, appearing on CNN, Fox News, World News Tonight, MSNBC and the Today Show-which was good preparation for his stint as a TV weatherman. Tackling challenge after challenge-overcoming anxiety about working four miles underground in a West Virginia coalmine, learning to walk on six-foot stilts (in a full Egyptian king costume) at an Florida amusement park, racing the clock as a pit-crew member at an Indiana racetrack -Daniel completed his journey a changed man. In this book he shares stories about the people he met, the lessons he learned and explains the five principles that kept him going.