Hearing Aids
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Hearing Aids

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Harvey Dillon
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Up-to-date information on all aspects of hearing aids: their technology, how they alter sound, and how they are prescribed, selected, fitted, measured and evaluated.-Comprehensive - Technologically oriented topics, people oriented topics, and many that fill the gap between these.
-Theoretically sound - Issues and findings explained rather than just discussed or reported. Recommended practices are based on research findings wherever possible.
-Practical - Tips, tables and procedures that will end up pinned onto the walls of clinics.
-Accurate and factual - Authoritatively written, comprehensively referenced, and extensively reviewed by leaders in each field.
-Understandable - Synopses, key paragraphs, and in-depth material guide the reader from basics to a detailed knowledge of the material.
-Integrated and cross referenced - Chapters build on previous chapters. Duplication is avoided in a way that can only be achieved in a sinle-author text.
-Leading - contains research findings and procedures that have not yet appeared anywhere else.
"This book is packed with concise, up-to-date information concerning the selection and fitting of hearing aides. I'd highly recommend this text for graduate audiology students or anyone involved in hearing aid dispensing."
Gus Mueller, Ph.D., Adj Assoc. Professor, Vanderbilt University.
"The book is smashing! It is the best material, bar none, available for someone who is faced with hearing aid issues, including pediatric issues. The practical value is very good."
Jerry Notthern, Ph.D., author/editor, HearX, Florida. Praise for the first edition: I cannot praise this
book too highly - it is undoubtedly now the benchmark text in this area,
and is an absolute essential for every audiologist and student. -Graham
Sutton, International Journal of Audiology, Vol. 41, No. 6, 2002One of
the best textbooks I have ever used...written by a researcher with a stellar
reputation [who is also] an expert on the clinical aspects of the
field...packed with information from both a theoretical and practical
perspective...makes difficult concepts comprehensible...from an instructor's
point of view, it is a sheer delight. -Adrienne Rubenstein, PhD, Professor,
Department of Speech Communication Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn College, New
YorkKey Features: Completely revised to reflect the research and
technological advances of the last decadeNew chapters on directional
microphones and the latest digital signal processing strategies Extensive
coverage of all aspects of open-canal, thin-tube hearing aids Practical
tips, tables, and procedures designed to be pinned on the walls of clinics
Each cross-referenced chapter builds on the previous chaptersHearing Aids,
Second Edition, is a book within a book: Each chapter has a one-page
synopsis that captures the key concepts of each topicThe material that
students most need is contained in marked paragraphs that flow after each
other to form a coherent thin book inside the larger book Intervening
additional paragraphs add satisfying depthWritten, comprehensively
referenced, and extensively reviewed by leaders in the field, this book is
ideal as a core graduate text as well as a standard reference for