Second Wave Spirituality: Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice: Exposition and Anthology
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Second Wave Spirituality: Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice: Exposition and Anthology

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Chris Saade
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5, Sacred Activism

In his work as a spiritual teacher interacting with seekers and activists from around the world, Chris Saade has witnessed a remarkable recent phenomenon: an emerging wave of spirituality that is socially and globally engaged in the pursuit of justice, earth care, and solidarity. Saade calls this movement "second wave spirituality," and in this book he maps out the cutting-edge ideas that are fueling this burgeoning wave of engaged spirituality. He challenges us to rise to our spiritual task and join the millions of all faiths who are awakening to the suffering and social struggles of all living beings. According to Saade, second wave spirituality holds a vision of the intrinsic values of love: justice, global peace, solidarity, inclusion, democratic freedom, compassion, and reconciliation. Saade explores current trends of thought that are shaking the foundations of our belief systems and propelling us toward an evolutionary leap. We are in the midst of a spiritual renaissance, Saade asserts, a universal reawakening that will steer us away from the abysmal global dangers we are facing.The book also includes a collection of quotations as a resource for those working for peace, justice, and inclusion. By dividing the selections into theme-specific chapters, Saade helps us easily access the wisdom and companionship of other souls committed to our diversity, our oneness, and our pursuit of justice.ContentsForeword by Andrew HarveyIntroduction1. The Emergence of Second Wave Spirituality2. A Brief Historical Overview of "First Wave" Spirituality3. Crossing the Threshold4. The Flowering of the Feminine in Theological and Spiritual Thinking5. The Great Convergence of Spiritual Development and Action for Peace and Justice6. The Six Crucial Ideas that Converged and Generated the Global Awakening of Second Wave Spirituality7. Fourteen Additional Characteristics Essential to Second Wave Spirituality8. A Response to the Escalating Global Crisis: Love in Action9. Implications of Second Wave Spirituality for the Individual10. Practical Suggestions for Spiritual Activism11. Summary and A Blessing for the Reader12. Engaged Spirituality and Sacred Activism: Writings and Quotes