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The Female Vision

The Female Vision

Women's Real Power at Work
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Part I: Why The Female Vision Matters
Part II: Elements of the Female Vision
Part Ill: Tapping the Power of the Female Vision
Women and men experience the world differently - not only do they see things differently, but they see different things. Men tend to have a bottom line, sharply focused, linear way of thinking that excludes any role for emotion or empathy. Women are more empathetic, more aware of the critical impact of interpersonal factors within and without the organization. Both perspectives are important, but at the moment organizations only reward traditionally male skills and points of view.
Based on extensive research and workplace experience, The Female Vision demonstrates that what women perceive in organizations and beyond, that goes unnoticed and unrewarded is exactly what so many companies needs to succeed. Helgesen and Johnson delve deeply into the stories of many women whose vision improved their companies although often they had to struggle not only against unresponsive organizations, peers, or others, but also against their own personal fears. They show how companies can create environments that welcome and encourage women to share what they notice, to the benefit not only of the women themselves but also, perhaps ironically, to the all important bottom line.


Autor: Sally Helgesen
ISBN-13: 9781576753828
ISBN: 1576753824
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Sprache: Englisch
Autor: Sally Helgesen, Julie Johnson
Sally Helgesen organisiert und leitet Management- und Führungsseminare für Firmen und Organisationen auf der ganzen Welt. Sie schreibt Beiträge für Fortune, Business Week und Fast Company. Ihr Buch: Frauen führen anders (1992) wurde weltweit zu einem Bestseller.
Julie Johnson, a Harvard MBA, is one of the pioneers who founded the field of executive coaching. For twenty years she has coached America's most successful executive women in a variety of industries, and has built a special niche with female broadcast journalists. Julie remains active in the Harvard Business Women's Network, the Human Resource Planning Society, and the Coaching Coalition (which she co founded).

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Autor: Sally Helgesen
ISBN-13:: 9781576753828
ISBN: 1576753824
Verlag: McGraw-Hill Professional, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Gewicht: 215g
Seiten: 192
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 213x142x15 mm