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Untapped: Creating Value in Underserved Markets

Untapped: Creating Value in Underserved Markets

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CONTENTSPreface and Acknowledgements
Introduction: Finding the Opportunities
Chapter I. Tapping New Markets
Chapter 2. Recruiting and Retaining a Qualified Workforce
Chapter 3. Increasing Value in the Supply Chain
Chapter 4. Accelerating Product and Process Innovation
Chapter 5. Building Partnerships That Work
Chapter 6. Creating Value for Business and Community
Underserved markets-communities made up of low- to moderate-income consumers-represent a multi-trillion dollar opportunity that has been largely ignored by most companies. With tremendous production and distribution potential, and growing workforce and supplier bases, these "base of the pyramid" markets are host to some of the fastest growing business opportunities around. They fill corporations' most pressing needs: increased sales, qualified workforces, reduced costs, and increased quality. Based on rigorous research on the success strategies employed by pioneering corporations, Untapped offers practical, tested tools for engaging consumers, workers, and suppliers to address the needs of both the corporation and the community.

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Autor: John Weiser
ISBN-13: 9781576753729
ISBN: 1576753727
Einband: Buch
Seiten: 243
Gewicht: 562 g
Format: 238x171x26 mm
Sprache: Englisch
Autor: John Weiser, Michele Kahane, Steve Rochlin
John Weiser is a founding partner in the firm of Brody Weiser Burns and an expert on using business strategies to achieve business and social goals. He has written numerous reports and books, including Conversations with Disbelievers. Michele Kahane is Director of Special Projects for the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College. Prior to working at the Center, she was a program officer in the Ford Foundations Economic Development Unit. Steve Rochlin is Director of Research and Policy Development for the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College, which helps businesses leverage their social, economic, and human assets to ensure success and a more sustainable world. Jessica Landis is a research consultant at the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College.

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Autor: John Weiser
ISBN-13:: 9781576753729
ISBN: 1576753727
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.05.2006
Gewicht: 562g
Seiten: 243
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 238x171x26 mm