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Formula 2 + 2: The Simple Solution for Successful Coaching

Formula 2 + 2: The Simple Solution for Successful Coaching

Ken Blanchard
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Offers a simple approach to revolutionizing feedback conversations. This work details the five secrets of effective feedback: making it timely, balanced between compliments and critiques, focused on high priority areas, supported with specific examples, and reinforced with appropriate follow-up.
Foreword by Ken Blanchard
Introduction by Bill Cosby
1: The Unguided Missile
2: Performance Appraisal: Like a Trip to the Dentist
3: The Trip to the Dentist
4: Celebrate Success and Encourage Improvement
5: The Magic of Balance
6: The Importance of Timeliness
7: The Spirit of 2+2
A special message from Buzz Aldrin, astronaut, Apollo 11
8: The Power of Focus
9: Getting 2+2 Up and Running
10: The Need for Specificity
11: 2+2: Take Two
12: The Integrated Follow-Up
13: Creating a Sustainable 2+2 Program
14: Epilogue: Two Years Later
Authors' Final Note
The Secrets of 2+2
Pauline's 2+2 Preparation Checklist
About the Authors
In today's fast-paced business environment, frequent feedback and "course correction" is absolutely vital. But about the only time most managers offer employees feedback is during scheduled (and generally infrequent) performance appraisals, which tend to be stiff, formal, and-whether intentionally or not-adversarial, and therefore ineffective. Formula 2+2 offers a simple yet powerful approach to revolutionizing feedback conversations. It details the five secrets of effective feedback:


Formula 2+2 shows how to foster a culture of continuous feedback which increases the effectiveness of the manager, protects the spirit and dignity of employees, and provides a systematic approach to reinforcing and improving employee performance.

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Autor: Douglas B. Allen
ISBN-13: 9781576753101
ISBN: 1576753107
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Format: 226x145x15 mm
Sprache: Englisch
Autor: Douglas B. Allen, Dwight W. Allen
Douglas B. Allen ist Professor für Management an der University of Denver und Gastprofessor an der Renmin University Business School in Beijing, China. Er war tätig als Berater für Unternehmen wie Nokia, Boeing, Chrysler und General Electric.Dwight W. Allen arbeitet als Wissenschaftler an der Old Domino University. Zuvor war er Leiter der Lehrerausbildung in Standford und in leitender Funktion an der University of Massachusetts.

Though I've never really thought about it before, Formula 2+2 has led me to realize that I've depended upon feedback and encouragement all my life. I know that if people ever stop laughing, I'm in trouble. Take my concert performances for instance. The live audience is all about feedback. The spontaneous laughs, applause-even the occasional jeer-all tell me whether I'm on track and getting my message across.

The real-time feedback I rely upon is frequently missing from the workplace. In many organizations, the only feedback you can count on is the annual evaluation, and it is almost always stale news by the time you get it. "Speedy" feedback is defined as semiannual or quarterly appraisal-not much better. Too often, the little feedback offered is feared, not welcomed.

In comedy it's the other way around. It's the immediate and positive feedback that keeps you going. When the laughter stops, you know you have to do something different-and fast. Comedy involves lots of improvisation. Even tried-and-true routines are adapted to the audience in real time-you need to respond to the moment. Isn't it obvious that the workplace should encourage a similar response to the moment? But that's pretty unrealistic if immediate response means as soon as possible-after the semiannual review!

That's why this book is so important. If you take it to heart, its message can change your whole attitude toward feedback. I have seen firsthand how this can happen. At the University of Massachusetts, where I was a doctoral student, Dwight Allen created a school of education that lived and breathed feedback and encouragement. The results were amazing, and that same spirit is captured in this book.

Dwight and his son Doug have woven a fine story, telling of the current woes and bright hopes for feedback and encouragement. If you follow their lead, you will be able to engage in great feedback conversations-with your employees, your colleagues, even your family!

The 2+2 concept sounds simple: a balance of compliments and suggestions given on a regular basis. It is simple, but not that simple. The trick is in the delivery. When I was a kid, we knew that when Grandma gave us "the look," the feedback we were getting was anything but balanced. All too frequently, feedback in the workplace sure feels like "the look."

Formula 2+2 can help you replace "the look" with a balance of compliments and suggestions. If my audiences just sat there, satisfied but not laughing (or even worse, giving me "the look"), I would soon be looking for new material-or a new audience. Receiving compliments can help prepare us to hear the more difficult things. It makes us comfortable about what we are doing right-and eager to do more. Suggestions provide us with the opportunity to improve-en route to receiving even more compliments.

You'll like what Doug and Dwight say; and I like the way they say it. The next time you are tempted to give someone "the look," try using 2+2!


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Autor: Douglas B. Allen
ISBN-13:: 9781576753101
ISBN: 1576753107
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2004
Gewicht: 281g
Seiten: 90
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 226x145x15 mm