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Miracles Abound

Are You Walking in the Path of Miracles?
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Gordon D van Namee
Real Life Publishing
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Miracles are happening in and throughout our lives every day and in fact, they abound. This writing, Miracles Abounds, captures this reality for the reader to explore. Establishing the reality of miracles in a contemporary context it provides both the foundational background for the existence of miracles and their current practical application to one's life. The author offers a new perspective to the understanding and definition of what miracles are and how they can and should be understood. Noting the historical perspective he gives a fresh focus to the current reality of miracles bringing this truth to full life in real time for the reader. It's no longer just an intellectual concept but an enlivened empirical reality for one's contemporary living; from concept into life experience.In this way the author opens a great new window for the reader to enter; to explore and grow. Aspects of the dynamics of miracles are offered in areas such as; hope, healing, provision, new beginnings, inner strength and more. The author uses his own experiences during his 35-year Christian journey; 20 years of which were as an elder and pastor in the United Methodist Church. He invites others into the conversation and shares their stories connecting the dots between the various applications of miracles and their meaning to real life. This leads the reader on a path into a real and current life of miraculous living. No longer should miracles be seen as isolated events but as part of one's continual experience of life. To enhance the reader's personal growth in this new learning the author offers practical applications and methods for engagement. This new awareness is not only possible but is shown in factual and empirical reality throughout the writing. The author declares, "In a state of miraculous living this reality becomes the force of one's daily existence." Not only is it an engaging and heart moving read, it shows the way to greater life fulfillment, presents this reality in empirical form and leaves the reader satisfied that they too can accomplish what the author has declared and demonstrated.