Cases, Materials and Text on Contract Law
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Cases, Materials and Text on Contract Law

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Hugh Beale
1894 g
170x243x58 mm
Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe
This is the third edition of the widely acclaimed and successful casebook on Contract in the Ius Commune Series, developed to be used throughout Europe and beyond, by anyone who teaches, learns or practises law with a comparative or European perspective. The book contains leading cases, legislation and other materials from English, French and German law as the main representatives of the legal traditions within Europe, as well as EU legislation and case law and extracts from the Principles of European Contract Law, with comparisons to other international restatements (such as the Vienna Sales Convention, the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts, the Draft Common Frame of Reference and so on). Materials are chosen and ordered so as to foster comparative study, and complemented with annotations and comparative overviews prepared by a multinational team. The whole Casebook is in English.The third edition includes many new developments at the EU level (including the ill-fated proposal for a Common European Sales Law and further developments linked to the digital single market) and in the national laws, in particular the 2016 revisions of the French Code civil as well as the UK's Consumer Rights Act 2015 and new cases. The principal subjects covered in this book include: An overview of EU legislation and of soft law Principles, and their interrelation with national law; the role of General Principles; the distinctions between Contract and Property, Tort and Restitution; Formation and Pre-contractual Liability; Validity, including Duties of Disclosure; Interpretation and Contents; Performance and non Performance, Remedies; Supervening Events; and Third Parties. Please click on the link below to visit the series