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The Developing World of Arbitration

A Comparative Study of Arbitration Reform in the Asia Pacific
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Anselmo Reyes
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Introduction: Towards a Model of Arbitration Reform in the Asia Pacific Anselmo Reyes and Weixia Gu1. China's Arbitration Modernisation Under Judicial Efforts and Marketisation Waves Weixia Gu2. Balancing Procedural and Substantive Arbitration Reforms: Advancing International Arbitration Practice in Hong Kong Shahla Ali3. Cautious Optimism for Arbitration Reform in Taiwan Nigel NT Li, Angela Y Lin and Jeffrey CF Li4. Arbitration Reform in Japan: Reluctant Legislature and Institutional Challenges Nobumichi Teramura and Luke Nottage5. Arbitration Reform in Korea: At the Threshold of a New Era Joongi Kim6. Arbitration Reform in Malaysia: Adopting the Model Law Lam Ko Luen7. Making Arbitration Work in Singapore Chan Leng Sun, SC8. Philippine Arbitration Reform: Fresh Breathing Space from Congested Litigation Arthur P Autea9. Arbitration in Indonesia: Largely Dependable Recognition and Enforcement Simon Butt10. Arbitration Law and Practice in Vietnam: Fundamental Changes Over the Past 20 Years and Potential for the Future Dang Xuan Hop11. Arbitration Reform in India: Challenges and Opportunities Hiro Naraindas Aragaki12. The Reform of Commercial Arbitration in Australia: Recent and Prospective Developments Leon Trakman
The Developing World of Arbitration studies the recent emergence of Asia Pacific jurisdictions as regional or international arbitration centres, thanks to various reform efforts and initiatives. This book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the ways in which arbitration law and practice have recently been reformed in Asia Pacific jurisdictions. Leading contributors across the Asia Pacific region analyse twelve major jurisdictions representing varying patterns and degrees of development, whether driven from top down, bottom up, or by some hybrid impetus. Setting the arbitration systems and reforms of each investigated jurisdiction in the context of its economic, political, and judicial dynamics, this book presents, for the first-time, a cross-jurisdiction comparative and contextual study of the developing world of arbitration in the Asia Pacific and contributes to comparative international arbitration literature from an Eastern perspective. It also aims to identify an Asia Pacific model of arbitration modernisation, one that may be distinct from a Western model, and predicts future trajectories of development and challenge in light of the ever increasing competition between Eastern- and Western-based arbitration centres. This edited collection will be an invaluable addition to the libraries of academics and practitioners in the field of international commercial arbitration.