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Demystifying Climate Change

An Energy Story on Science, History, Threats, and Opportunities
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Jeffrey Loehr
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Chapter 3: The Dancer-Changing Forms of Energy style="t Be Made, Can't Be Destroyed-Still Dancing
Chapter 5: Wellspring of Energy-Surprise! It's All Nuclear
Part II - The Ways of the Natural World
style="The Water Cycle
Chapter 8: Solid Sunshine-The Carbon Cycle
style=" Global Warming and Climate Change-Why Should We Care?
Chapter 11: Giver of Life-The Greenhouse Effect
style=" How Did We Get to Here?
Chapter 16: From the Dawn of Humanity until the Industrial Revolution
style=" The Way Forward
Chapter 18: Getting More for Less-Efficiency
style="The Problem and the Future
Chapter 20: Turbine Free Electricity-Photovoltaics
style=" Population
Chapter 24: Why Are We Slow to Act?
style=" The Business of Energy
Chapter 25: Disruption and Jobs
style="Free Market"-The Cost of Energy
Chapter 27: Looking for the Possible-Some Free Mlarket Solutions
style="Yea or Nay?
Part VII - Into the Next Revolution
Chapter 29: What Lies Ahead?
Chapter 30: Ending the Gaian War
Epilogue: Lessons From the Past
Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix A: Units of Measuring Energy and Power
Appendix B: Electricity Terms
Websites Referenced
Annotated Bibliography
About the Authors
Using historical anecdotes as well as modern story-telling and basic science, this book describes how humans are changing the chemistry of our air and oceans. The great life-giving cycles that maintain a livable environment are being altered, causing wide range of consequences.Serious as the situation is, it is also an opportunity. Very real solutions, both technological and economic are addressed. There is a promising future that awaits if we, as a species, are willing to take on the challenges of growth and change.