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Success for Every Student

A Guide to Teaching and Learning
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Michele Pollnow
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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  • Setting the Stage for a Successful School Year
  • Classroom Management and a Culture of Learning
  • What Are You Going to Teach Them?
  • High Expectations and Differentiation
  • Supporting School and Classroom Climate
  • Student Mobility and Attendance
  • Time on Task
  • A Deep Dive in Student Engagement
  • Multiple Intelligences and a Growth Mindset
  • Accessing Background Knowledge to Assist Learning
  • Reading Instruction for All Teachers
  • Writing Instruction for All Teachers
  • Assessment for Learning and of Learning
  • Struggling Students: What Is an Intervention?
  • The Role of Coaching in Education
  • Professional Development for Teaching and Learning
  • How to Present Information to Peers
  • Some Parting Words from the Authors
  • BibliographyAbout the Authors
    Success for Every Student: A Guide to Teaching and Learning contains research and evidence based classroom practices that maximize learning for all students. Throughout the book the authors deliver a common sense approach to proven teaching strategies that help learners reach their potential. Ultimately, it is the teacher behaviors that have the greatest impact on student behaviors. Success for Every Student is packed full of tools and tips in everything from classroom management to formative assessment that give busy teachers what they need to become more efficient and effective professionals in their classrooms and schools. At the end of each chapter are real life scenarios for readers to reflect and think about what they would do given the situation. As a bonus, the book has a companion website that provides more tools and covers current topics in the education news. This practical book provides sound suggestions and guidance to help create a culture of learning in classrooms and schools where high expectations are the norm and there is an opportunity of success for every student.