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Helping Kids Live Mindfully

A Grab Bag of Classroom Activities for Middle School Students
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Catherine Depino
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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4. Cut Down on Stress5. Use Technology Mindfully
6. Talk to Get Results
7. Listen Up
8. Be Positive When You Speak
9. Use "I" instead of "you"
10. Put Yourself in Another Person's Shoes
11. Get Along Better with Your Family
12. Be Present in School
13. Live in Harmony with Classmates
14. Tune Down Your Sensitivity Button
15. Deal with Disappointment
16. Stop Bad Moods Quickly
17. Cope with Frustration Now
18. Tame Your Anger
19. Practice Loving Kindness
20. Whatever Is, Is-and That's Okay
21. Be Aware of the Moment-Breathe!
Helping Kids Live Mindfully: A Grab Bag of Classroom Activities for Middle School Students helps students enhance their lives by using Mindfulness on a daily basis in school and at home. It gives them the tools to cope with anger, frustration, and stress, while helping them learn how to talk and listen to get positive results. The book aims to help students maximize their school experience academically and socially. It's a fact that many school districts using Mindfulness programs find that teaching their students Mindfulness techniques can greatly enhance school climate and cut down on discipline problems so students can be free to learn and flourish in the classroom. Additionally, this book helps teachers reach curricular goals in many subject areas by providing small group, entire class, and individual activities. Finally, this book encourages parents and extended family members to participate in the program with their children to help them use Mindfulness in many different situations they encounter daily, such as getting along better with family members, dealing with disappointment, and using technology wisely.