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The Ultimate Guide to College Transfer

From Surviving to Thriving
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Lucia D. Tyler
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Pros and Cons ChecklistFinancial Tic Tac ToeLearning Environment Self-surveyCredit Transfer Self-surveyChapter 4: Hands-on HomeworkTelling ParentsTelling FriendsWhat about a Gap Year?Community College OptionsChapter 5: All about College VisitsWhy Visit?Why Not Visit?Visits and International TransfersQuestions for Students to Ask Before TransferringChapter 6: Parents Talk about College TransferChapter 7: Seeking Additional PerspectivesUsing TechnologyAdvice from College ConsultantsUnderstanding how Colleges View Potential TransfersChapter 8: Adjusting to a New CollegeWhat Students Think about TransferPros and Cons of OrientationCollege Professionals Advice to TransfersTransfer-friendly PracticesChapter 9: Transfer to Transfer Advice-Start to FinishTips from Former Transfer StudentsTips from International TransfersConclusionAppendicesKey Transfer TermsColleges that Accept the Most TransfersSample of Varying Transfer Policies College Transfer Timeline (Fall)College Transfer Timeline (Spring)College Transfer Resource ListAbout the Authors
The Ultimate Guide to College Transfer is a comprehensive guide, designed to make college transfer between four-year schools as successful as possible. Chapters outline the steps to take from the moment a student finds him/herself considering college transfer to the first semester at his/her next college. The book contains vignettes (based on real student stories) and excerpts from interviews with transfer students, parents, and higher education professionals. The information and advice they share will be helpful, informative, and reassuring to families going through a college transfer and enlightening to high school and college personnel.College transfer, when done for the right reasons and in the right way, can be an extremely positive experience for students. This is especially true when the student goes from merely surviving in their old environment to thriving in their new one.