Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment 3
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Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment 3

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Marzenna R. Dudzinska
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Proceedings of the 11th International Conference held in Cairo, Assuan, and Luxor, Egypt, September 10-17, 1997
Springer Book Archives
Water Resources-Quality of Surface and Drinking Water: Drinking Water Production with a Dual Floating Medium-Sand Filter System; B.A. Bolto, et al. Determination of Reduced Sulphur Compounds in the Aquatic Environment by HPLC and CE; E. Kaniowska, et al. Air Pollutions-Reduction and Monitoring: Effect of Land Management in Winter Crop Season on Methane Emission from the Following Riced Growth Period; Z.C. Cai, H. Xu. Studies on N2O Emissions from Agricultural Land of Rice-Wheat Rotation System in the Tai-Lake Region of China; X. Hua, X. Guangxi. New Technologies in Wastewater Treatment: Problems of the Implementation of Environmental Management System According to ISO 14001 in Poland; R. Pochyluk, J. Szymanski. Innovative Technology for Municipal Waste Utilization for Rzeszów City; B. Jamróz, J.A. Tomaszek. Solid Waste Utilization: Neutralization of Hazardous Wastes Combined with Clinker Manufacturing; L. Pawlowski, et al. An Attempt to Estimate the PCDF/PCDD Emissions from Waste Incinerated in Cement Kiln; M.R. Dudzinska, et al. Polution Pathways and Soil Chemistry: A Model Study of Soil Acidification in a Small Catchment Near Guiyang, Southwestern China; L. Bohan, et al. 26 Additional Articles. Index.
The first meeting in this series was organized by Prof. Pawlowski and Dr. Lacy in 1976 at the Marie Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland. The conference dealt with various physicochemical methodologies for water and wastewater treatment research projects that were jointly sponsored by US EP A and Poland. The great interest expressed by the participants led the organizers to expand the scope of the second conference, which was also held in Poland in September 1979. The third and enlarged symposium was again successfully held in 1981 in Lublin, Poland. At that time the participating scientists and engineers expressed their desire to broaden the coverage as well as the title of the conference series. The International Committee, ap proved the title "Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment" and designated that date of the fourth conference, CPE IV, which was convened in September 1983 at the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France, and was hosted and arranged by Prof. A. Verdier. This conference series included participants from various government agencies, academia, and the private sector, representing industrialized countries as well as emerging nations, both the East and West in an independent, non politica! forum.